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Folkcraft Players


People that play Folkcraft dulcimers are encouraged to send in a photo or two (showing you with your Folkcraft instruments) and a biography (where you perform, how long you've played, how much fun you have, dulcimer club affiliation, etc.).

featured dulcimer player

If you have videos shared at YouTube, send us a link to your channel at - we'll post that link here, too. Your photo and bio will be shared in our weekly newsletter, and also on this page. Please send the photos and bio to our email: - thank you!

Richard Ash

Folkcraft Players 

belinda with dulcimer
Belinda Link
Featured in the 9/24/21 newsletter
mike anderson hugo kringle with folkroots dulcimer Mike Anderson
Featured in the 10/1/21 newsletter
andrew gordon Andrew Gordon
Featured in the 10/8/21 newsletter
mary ellen lounsbery folkcraft player Mary Ellen Lounsbery
Featured in the 10/15/21 newsletter
mike squint with dulcimer Mike Squint
Featured in the 10/22/21 newsletter
gary bentley

Gary Bentley
Featured in the 10/29/21 newsletter

gary brunk with dulcimer

Gary Brunk
Featured in the 11/5/21 newsletter

tom jeanne bossardet bio pic

Tom and Jeanne Bossardet
Featured in the 11/12/21 newsletter

Toya Koch with dulcimers

Toya Koch
Featured in the 11/19/21 newsletter

Bill Llyod with dulcimer

Bill Lloyd
Featured in the 12/3/21 newsletter

julie ted jones bio pic

Julie and Ted Jones
Featured in the 12/17/21 newsletter

janice kincaid player page

Janice Kincaid
Featured in the 12/10/21 newsletter.

Susan Curtis with dulcimers
Susan Curtis
Featured in the 12/24/21 newsletter.
bill cole pic

Bill Cole
Featured in the 12/31/21 newsletter.

david hooten bip page pic

David Hooten
Featured in the 1/7/22 newsletter.

annette sheffield bio pic
Annette Sheffield
Featured in the 1/14/22 newsletter.
ken longfield player page

Kenneth Longfield
Featured in the 1/21/22 newsletter.

Jessie Oldham Folkcraft players

Jessie Oldham
Featured in the 1/28/22 newsletter.

laura bell bio pic

Laura Bell
Featured in the 2/04/22 newsletter.

Christine Teresinski bio

Christine Teresinski
Featured in the 2/18/22 newsletter.

alan richter  player page
Alan Richter
Featured in the 3/4/22 newsletter.
thomasina levy player page

Thomasina Levy
Featured in the 3/11/22 newsletter.

Glynda Willis Player Page

Glynda Willis
Featured in the 3/25/22 newsletter.

sam edelston player page
Sam Edelston
Featured in the 4/8/22 newsletter.
george haggerty player page George Haggerty
Featured in the 4/01/22 newsletter.
pat forest folkcraft player
Pat Forest
Featured in the 4/15/22 newsletter.
Dale Jablonski Player Page
Dale Jablonski
Featured in the 4/22/22 newsletter.
Kelly Sasman
Kelly Sasman
Featured in the 5/6/22 newsletter.
Greg Rohall player page
Greg Rohall
Featured in the 5/13/22 newsletter.