Fingers Of Steel

The "Fingers Of Steel" imprint is a series of books and videos published by Folkcraft Instruments. These titles are sold directly by Folkcraft, and also by the authors. And of course, they're available from and at music stores worldwide.

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Here's what's currently in print from the "Fingers Of Steel" catalog:

Bing Futch - Method For Bass Mountain Dulcimer

bass dulcimer cover book

Bing Futch - Method For Chromatic Mountain Dulcimer

chromatic method book dulcimer

Bing Futch - Method For Beginning Mountain Dulcimer

futch method

Bing Futch - Getting Started With The Mountain Dulcimer (DVD Video) 

dulcimer dvd instruction

Richard Ash - Fret Position Reference Guide For Mountain Dulcimer, Hurdy Gurdy, And Other Diatonic Instruments

richard ash fret reference dulcimer

Richard Ash - Fret Position Reference Guide For Ukulele, Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, And Other Chromatic Fretted Instruments

richard ash fret reference banjo

Stephen Seifert - Join The Jam, Ukulele Edition

staff paper for dulcimer

Richard Ash - Giant Book Of Staff Paper For Mountain Dulcimer

dulcimer tab paper richard ash

Stephen Seifert - Introducing Dulcilele

Richard Ash - Pocket-Size Book Of Tab Paper For The Mountain Dulcimer

neal hellman dulcimer tab book
Neal Hellman - Mountain Dulcimer Arrangements From Both Sides Of The Atlantic