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Senior moment

I had the misfortune of committing a senior moment. I forgot to use my gift card as I was busy with alot of other projects. My bad! I was going to purchase a spare set of strings. Drat.

Strings Arrived quickly

I needed to order strings, called and Richard helped me place the order over the phone. They were received on the opposite side of our great state in just a couple of days. I wish I lived closer so I could stop in once in awhile. Super nice people and beautiful instruments!

Happy Happy Happy

Totally happy with the material. Great pace to a non player.

Dave Haas - Let's Jam!
Glenn Hartman

Love the variations to the songs!

Looks & Works Great

Just what I wanted. A hanger that was easy to install and looks great.

These instructions are like having a private tutor

As a rank beginner This is the basic Dulcimer lessons I’ve been looking for and the accompanying download audio file is a major plus for me..

Fret Wire

I haven’t used this batch of fret wire…I have no reason to believe it won’t be excellent as always.
Doing business with Folkcraft is simply a great experience. Thank You

Always appreciate Bing

Another fine piece from Bing Futch. A little more basic than mi would have liked, but still a good resource and learning tool that will help my build my foundation.

Chrome Strap Button

Folkcraft offers quality merchandise at reasonable prices along with directions on how to install the parts. Great company to purchase items from.

Review for Ukulele Plan

I have not as yet put the plan to use, since I am a bit behind in my instrument building, and I am finishing off my workshop after a move, but the plan looks like it will work well for me when the time arrives, as it is drawn in very good fashion.

Great Strings!

Folkcraft sent some sets of strings out immediately after I ordered. They are exactly what I needed and arrived in a timely manner. Thanks, Folkcraft!

Highly recommended

Beautiful book. Donnelly has clearly put a lot of work into the research of the history of the Carter family and their contribution and influence of folk music in the US. The book teaches about the mountain dulcimer with info on reading tablature, fingering, chords, and much more, including a bit of history on each song and it’s origins, with lyrics. A great book to have for a mountain dulcimer player of any level.

Baritone dulcime

I love my new baritone dulcimer from folkcraft. The craftsmanship is outstanding and my instrument not only looks beautiful but has a deep rich voice. Thanks Richard for the extra attention you put into every detail.


As always….Service, Quality and Satisfaction are the hallmarks of doing business with Folkcraft.
The fingerboard is excellent!

Joy of music

Variety and some learning. Good to practice and keep the mind and fingers working

Another Good Resource

I was pleased to find this Collection put together buy Maureen Sellers, as it contained several songs not yet in my collection. There were some good morsels from a historical perspective in her introduction regarding the use of hymns on this side of the pond. What would have been nice, would have been even more information on the use of the hymns as we think of them today. Of course, had she done so, we would have had a history book, rather than a songs book. In the “Using This Book” portion of the opening comments, there were also some other good tidbits, such as making your own capo. On that aspect, you find it a whole lot easier to order a capo from Folkcraft. She also gives some good advice to those just beginning to work with the mountain dulcimer. My thanks to Folkcraft for having this book in their great selection of books that you can’t seem to find anywhere else.

Perfect Strings

The strings I ordered from Folkcraft PERFECTLY fit my needs. As Usual

Baritone dulcimer

Ordering the instrument was very easy, and the instrument was completed well within the estimated timeframe. I like the way the instrument looks and sounds, and I’m enjoying getting to know my new dulcimer!

Dulcimer Hanger

Very nice unit. My dulcimer looks great hanging on the wall and keeps reminding me to play it!

Exactly what I wanted

Great Product

These strap buttons look great and they were easy to install.

Best path to your own custom hammered dulcimer hammers

DIY project always a good challenge.
Putting them together the hardest thing was waiting for the glue to dry.
I painted mine and then rounded handles with a drum sander bit on a dremel
Light weight good balance . I really like them painted the features on the head of the hammer really popped out I will make the second pair when I can think of ways to improve on the first pair

Loved it

Great introduction on some strumming, picking instructions that when I saw the tabs left me a bit confused. The brief history segment was nice about the role of dulcimer (or similar instrument) role in Renaissance and Baroque music eras. The notation is excellent, and while the songs are a bit outside of my skill level at the moment, when the pieces do start coming together they sound amazing.

Would recommend for anyone interested in period music for the Dulcimer.

Great collection

Great collection of hymns which is presented in simple to play tabs. This was a great addition to my music collection.


Received order article promptly. It was just what expected from the description written on the Folkcraft site. Certainly recommend them to anyone thinking about ordering their products