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Multitasking variations

This is an outstanding addition to the catalog of MD instructional books. Aaron provides seven sets of variations on a basic tune, by varying first the rhythmic pattern, then melody tweaks, harmonic chords, and finally a mix-and-match blending of all four. A practical approach to eclectic playing, especially useful for advanced-beginner and intermediate players.


In this book, Bing does a great job providing the new player with comprehensive information about playing the mountain dulcimer. A good place to begin your mountain dulcimer journey.

I Love this book, it was recommended to me by Richard Ash on a recent visit to Folkcraft. This beautiful collection of classical music is most accurately tabbed and enjoyable to play


Haven't used them yet but they look nice.

Paltry string

Good service fast shipping. Thanks.

Herdem Picks

These picks I find seem to be the best for dulcimers.

Very Satisfying Collection of Christmas Pieces

_Christmas Songs for the Mountain Dulcimer_ by Judy House is a well-organized collection with a nice layout. The songs include musical notation and tablature, chords and lyrics. All the traditional standards are here, including “Old Lang Syne,” which belongs even if it is not a real carol. I sense that the arrangements are for the dulcimer as a solo instrument, with the melody line enhanced by triads to add depth. But whether you are a strummer or picker, all the music is here to adapt to your performance, leading others in song or charming them with the familiar melodies.

Joyce Wilson

Working a Tune

I'm very new to associating with musical instruments, both in playing, and to make an instrument! I've wanted to create a mountain dulcimer for all over 30 years. When I recently held one it beckoned me to that urge.
I found Folk Craft for instructions and hardware. Easy to follow! All round great tool. The only trouble I had was with the fret wire. It was difficult to set.
Next one will be better.

Judy House Christmas Song Book

Love the book “Christmas Songs for the Mountain Dulcimer” by Judy House. The download worked well, too. Highly recommend this Christmas book!

Dulcimer Strings

I'm just starting to play a Dulcimer. I have a Jim Fox Dulcimer and changed strings for the first time and really like the sound of Folkcraft definitely better than what was on it.

Was happy to find them

I want to try out a Mountain Dulcimer and bought a kind of beat-up John and Shirley Naylor model on Ebay. Part of the nut was missing and boy was I happy to find Folkcraft's replacement in just the right size. I followed instructions on YouTube on replacing a guitar nut and now have my little dulcimer cleaned off and singing beautifully.

Good Resource for your Mountain Dulcimer library

The selection found in the book is a good cross section of the old hymns. For those who are moving beyond the basic traditional style, you can still use the book and strum along, but with this book you can start using chords and at the same time start picking single notes over the course of the tune for a strum and pick combination. For those who only have a basic set of chord at their disposal, this book will help expand skills, and delight the ear, moving from the basics, to those chords beyond.
This is a great book for beginners, those looking to expand their skills, and those who already have a great repertoire of chords in their skill-set, only needing to have “sheet music” for unfamiliar tunes.

Dulcimer Download

The Dulcimer Download for Stephen Seifert’s “Join The Jam II” was easy to purchase and it downloaded very quickly. This is a quick way to get music “.


I've never been disappointed by the quality of your strings. Makes the dulcimer sound so good and when I put new ones on the touch is so much better. Love buying in bulk so I can change strings often as I play alot.

Strings attached

Over the years, I've used any number of brands of strings on my dulcimers and over those years I've learned that its not just about the wire. I've developed a feel for what I like. And with Folkcraft, I like what I feel. Good job, folks.

I Love Folkcraft!

I’ve never been disappointed with anything I’ve gotten from Folkcraft. They only sell top quality merchandise.

Gift card: thoughtful gift for the serious musician

My husband will receive his Folkcraft gift card this Friday for his birthday. It was so easy to purchase and I know he's going to love it: he's been talking for some time about a dulcimer he's designing. This card will make it easier for him to get started on the build! Thank you, Folkcraft, for making this a special birthday for him!

Bridges and nuts

Very nice product and easy to install. Next time I’ll measure and get the right size. First time buyer so I learned to always double check things before you ordet. 😒

Easier to learn from

I found this book to be easier for me to learn from and it explains things better., as I've never played a MD before and I'm not musically incline.

Flatpicking Tips from the Best

Aaron O'Rourke's flatpicking skills mark him as the most technically skilled Mountain Dulcimer player around today. The tips in this book show how he got there. Of special value is his concern for explaining not only the "what" of technique, but also the "why." The descriptions are especially useful for beginners working on building their flatpicking skills, and the numerous examples and exercises will help more advanced players hone their skills.

Fookcract instrument

The book by Aaron O’Rourke is an excellent book on flatpicking.
Also , your service is excellent. When a order is placed, it is processed and shipped with out delays
Thanks for the great service

yes i would recommend this book beautifully laid out and lovely arrangements

Folkcraft Std -4- Loop - RW Strings

I purchased a few sets of these recently for my Cripple Creek Dulcimer and ( As Advertised) noticed less finger squeak noise.
Thanks again to Richard and the Folkcraft Team.

Folkcraft LAP-JO®, Mahogany Body, Fiberskyn Head
John Farmer

The instrument is beautiful and well made. I have not played the LAP-JO at this point. I failed to order a manual on how to play. I also normally play in DAA. I also did not expect it to be chromatic. I’ll read the details closer on future orders.

This book is a nice addition to any Christmas collection. I find the tabs to be easy to play with a nice variety of songs.