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So much easier to play now!

I love the Folkcraft Dulcimer strap. I have short, fat legs & it's difficult to keep my legs parallel to the floor. Even with the "sticky pads", I spent most of my time trying to keep the dulcimer from sliding off my lap. Not a problem any more with the strap! And I like the quick release so I can remove the strap easily when putting it into the case. The strap is well made & attractive with the leather ends.

Folkcraft® Bronze Wound Strings, Loop Ends, Pack Of Twelve, .030

Absolutely Amazing Instrument

I wanted to order a MAXDAD chromatic, so I ordered one a couple of months back -- customer service was amazing and cleared up any and all issues that arose during its building and shipping. The instrument arrived at the beginning of this month, and I would say that the instrument is absolutely splendid and sounds loud and sweet. I would definitely buy again if I ever needed another one!

Excellent wire

Serves fine in an instrumental tanpura, very grateful to have been able to buy in volume.

Folkcraft strings

Strings have an amazing tone with volume and clarity beyond other strings. I strongly recommend everyone try them and see for yourself. This is a small investment for the return in improvement of sound and tone.

Awesome service..

Excellent and prompt response..

Easy Peasy

The ease of shopping for a piece of music from my favorite chair was wonderful! You have made it easy to enjoy a "new song". Thanks!


Easy to understand. It will be very helpful.

Order was complete and came in the mail as ordered.

Music from the muse by Susan Trump

This is a great collection of music. Susan Trump is a great teacher. This book is well worth getting.

I'm One Happy "Floot Tooter!"

The digital version of Bing Futch's original color-printed version of, "Discovering Native American Flute" is a win-win for me! The color printed figures are extremely helpful in clarifying the differences between and within keys, notes, and chords. And, as a digital download, I can use it on my laptop wherever I go without bringing the hard copy along. It's definitely one of the best NAF instructional books available - especially in color!

Great strings and great people

Iordereda Seton strings for my mountain dulcimer and by mistake I ordered them for a baritone dulcimer. So I called Folkcraft to order a replacement set. To my surprise, she sent the order out and asked me to return the wrong set. Quite surprised actually. I think this is just another thing that makes Richard and Folkcraft so great. He and his staff really care!

A Great Kit to build Memories and a Dulcimer

A nice kit with good instructions. I am just starting the build with my grandson. The kit came on time (a day or two from order date). Our fist step was to verify the contents which were exactly as stated. My grandson was intrigued by the two type of wood Cherry with sound board of Western Redwood Cedar. We talked about finishing with tung oil or lacquer. He choose the oil. Next step is to get him his first tool box and the needed items identified in the instructions. Instructions Make it easy to do the build and share a passion with my grandson.

Why did I wait so long?

I’ve had TablEdit for several years, have struggled with figuring it out, but I’d not heard about Melanie’s instructional manual until an earlier Quarantune Festival. Since I finally downloaded it, I’ve spent hours following along, page by page, and having “ah ha” moments, one after another. Simple things, like changing the font of guitar chords, plugging in a pickup note, and more, and I’m not done with the manual. I already have questions about settings to tab out for my chromatic dulcimer, so I’ll be in touch if I don’t see answers. This has been well-worth the fee. Thanks, Melanie!

Well-built bridge and nut

These are a great timesaver and very durable. Accurate slot spacing and great finished appearance.

Great instruction

I had been looking for some time for a book dedicated to the 1+ fret. After finding out from Aaron he had written one and Folkcraft had it there was no question what book was to be added to my Dulcimer book library. The information provided and progression of work has given me new understanding of the fret and how it adds to additional chord choices and sounds I’ve been looking for. Beginners to advanced players will benefit from the content here. This book is a keeper!

Dulcimer strap and buttons

Thanks. Arrived on time and works real fine. Well made.

Method for Bass dulcimer

Just arrived, ready for my Bass to arrive. The audio files really sold it for me. The book looks to be straight forward as the sample pages showed. I’ll report back more after I get to dig into it.

Mark Gilston - Christmas with Dulcimer

As promised this book is full of unique Christmas music.

Changing to Bass

As always, Richard was helpful and sent me exactly what I needed to change a 6-string dulcimer to a 3 string bass. It sounds wonderful, and adds a new texture to our group.

Folkcraft strings are the best I've found.

Great strings!

Excellent strings.

Judy House Favorite Sing-Along Songs for Mountain Dulcimer

Judy House's Mountain Dulcimer book is full of songs you just need to have. It is a great bunch of songs.

1/8" Delrin Rods

These rods were perfect for my intended use! They are light and flexible, yet strong, and are easy to cut and drill and otherwise work with. I'm in Hawaii but shipping was quick and I got them in short order. Thank you, Folkcraft!

Hugo Christmas sing a long

Easy to read and play. I will be ready for the next and future Holiday seasons

Batteries for tuner - just in case

I didn’t even think about this until I saw in catalog - of course having them on hand for when it happens is NOW A NO-BRAINER