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Ukulele plans

Plans were great .

teardrop dulcimer plans

I just started building a teardrop using those plans. So far every thing is working out real well.I am a slow worker so it might take me awhile.

Custom fit for my one piece clarinet.

Very well made case for my clarinet. Seams, stitchings, zippers all good. Nice looking too.

About Humble Heart

I was a little disappointed when I received the book but it was my fault because i was expecting a book of duets. However after playing with different tunings and the capo I am really enjoying this book. I also love the printed section- very informative.

I like it

It allows the attachment to remain on the dulcimer without having to remove the strap. Would like to see just the attachments being soid so I can move the strap from one dulcimer to another.

I love this Hymn

I’ve only had a few minutes to review this sheet music, but it seems to be exactly what I was looking for. Every artist has there own way of playing a song. I’ve already added a couple of tweaks for my own liking, but Larry’s music is awesome, just what I was looking for!

"Folkcraft® Plain Steel String, Ball End, .014"

Great customer service. good quality strings

"Stephen Seifert - Come Let Us Adore Him"

What a great book.... I could just open it up and play right away. Would recommend for any level of player to enjoy Christmas music.

About Celtic Variations

Of all the books I have by Nina Zanetti I love Celtic Variations the most.

TablEdit Help

Melanie Johnston's TablEdit manual helps clear up the mystery of using TablEdit. The manual addressed a lot of the problems I was having using the program.

Bronze Wound .020, Ball End Stings

Great quality strings. Great customer service.

Very Pleased!

Purchased this Pennywhistle at the recommendation of the instructor of a recent workshop. It is an "upgrade" from a metal pennywhistle...very pleased with the tone and ease of fingering.

Great strap

I am a beginner and this strap is just what I needed to keep my dulcimer firmly in place !

Folkcraft Machine Heads

I did indeed receive my order (and given that it was so close to Christmas),I was greatly impressed in the speed in which I received it. I am pleased with everything in my order but haven't had a chance to check out the actual working of the machine heads.

About Heart's Ease

I love the way Nina Zenetti plays the mountain dulcimer so softly and expressive. I received the Heart's Ease tablature book and immediately turned to a couple of pieces that were familiar to me and loved them. I could not stop playing until I played every piece. Now to perfect them.

Just House Christmas book

I thoroughly enjoyed playing the compilation of Christmas tunes in this book. It suited my advanced beginner level well. Clearly sized print was easily read

Great Service

As always, the service is great and I am very happy with the products.

Dulcimer Capo

FolkRoots® H Series Dulcimer, Walnut Body, Spruce Top
So beautiful and masterfully made

I am so please with my Folkroots Dulcimer. It's like playing on a fretboard made of silk and the sound is deep and resonate. I highly recommend Folkcraft Dulcimers. Since I bought this one I have purchased a second one. I am so satisfied.

Folkcraft® Bronze Wound Strings, Loop Ends, Pack Of Twelve, .024

Great strings!

Changing Strings

After chatting with Richard about some difficulties I was having playing my beautiful Folkcraft dulcimer (due to my physical issues, arthritis, etc.) he recommended changing to a lighter gauge of strings which he promptly dropped in the mail. What a difference it made, in my playing and even my wanting to play! After putting the new set of of strings on my dulcimer all of a sudden it became a whole lot more user friendly, easier to play and sounding great. The product is great, but I equally appreciated the customer service and advice. Thanks, Richard!

Product arrived very quickly and was just as ordered.

guitar plans are great!

Such reasonable prices and really good plans. I'm so glad I finally found a good source for guitar plans. I bought five! Thanks and I'll be back! Also...great packaging. Very clean.

Folkcraft string ball end string sets.

A good quality string set. Work well.

Beautiful Instrument

Beautiful craftsmanship on this instrument. It nearly plays itself, and gave me an immediate jump in my playing competence. It arrived in perfect condition and was perfectly set up. There were zero rough edges, zero buzzing frets, zero defects of any kind that I could notice. It is a testimony to the quality of the tuning machines that it was also nearly perfectly tuned (DAD) when I took it out of the box. Although I purchased the deeper body, it is not quite as loud as some of my other dulcimers, but it also has a shorter VSL than they do (27 inch versus 28.5 inches).