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Folkcraft Store Reviews

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A great place to shop every time

Fast service and everything I ordered.

Lovely and high quality buttons!

The buttons are bright and shiny and very high-quality. They look nice on my instruments and match the gold tone on my tuners.

A pickup can pickup your tune.

I had Richard build me a custom dulcimer after I heard the review of Wendy Songe's new dulcimer with a magnetic pickup. I was looking for something that would reproduce the string sounds in very clear and positive way.
True to his word he not only built a dulcimer that looked great, but will knock your socks off with the sound. Not something bought , but a pickup made in Woodburn,Indiana USA.
If your looking for your once in a life time dulcimer give Richard a call. He will work with you to help you in the design process. You won't be disappointed.

Tull Glazener's The 3-String Choir Book is wonderful!

I am truly learning and enjoying the book @ CD that came with book. Mr Tull Glazener is a wonderful teacher and dulcimer player. Thank you for sending me his book!

Great strap

This strap fits my lap-Jo perfectly. I was worried that the stiff leather piece that goes over the strap button would interfere with the strings and pegs attached at the end. There’s enough flexibility so there’s no interference. The 1” strap is plenty sturdy enough for the lap-Jo. It was the best choice.

Great Buttons!

They are well made, metal, secure on your instrument. Very reasonable price. There is also a video of how to do it on their website.

Folkcraft Rosettes

I love these laser cut rosettes! I have used them before and the 1 1/2" ones are prefect for dulcimer projects and a 1 1/2" forestner bit is a perfect fit! I may wait to use these or show them off in my Folkcraft Kit dulcimer making class at Woodcraft in Indy July 29-30. Call the Woodcraft store to sign up!

Folkcraft® Quick-Release 2" Wide Dulcimer/Ukulele Strap, Black

Favorite picks

Of most the picks I have tried, Herdim Picks are my favorite. Their unique shape makes them easy to find in my pick bag without having see them AND having different thicknesses in one pick allows for volume and sound adjustment without having to change picks.
The RED ones are My favorite.

Works Well for Us

These inexpensive machine heads work well for us. They fit our dulcimers and stay in tune.

Great strap

Thanks for my gorgeous strap. Such fast shipping!

Great strings!

I’m enjoying the black strings, which sound great. They’re bright and loud! (As always, shipping was fast and excellent.)

Fast Fret Fingerboard Lubricant
Jacquelyn Lancaster
Fast fingerboard

Like the product and I believe this has conditioned fret board giving me peace of mind for what I think was needed.

Ditties to Dirges

Good detail in this book. Easy to follow and I like being able to hear the tune being a by ear gal. Looking forward to working my way through these. :)

Twice as Nice

Love the songs and the challenge in learning these songs with my duet partner

“Parts is parts”

Good parts. Tuners work well. All RR&J friendly. BTW, ever hear of “Original Mountain Music Dulcimer” Paradise, CA?

Great strings

I buy all my strings here in the 12 packs and haven’t had a bad batch yet! Quick shipping and quality products keep me coming back for more.

Second Saturday Clinic With Dave Haas, May 13, 2023
Laura Arquette
Dave Haas

He was a wonderful instructor and did an fantastic job at the Saturday Class. I had a great time! Thank you for putting these events on!

Dulcimer Capo
Susan DeBell

I liked the capo - well made, but it is too big for my Applecreek. Guess I’ll have to order one of your dulcimers so it won’t go to waste!!

Folkcraft Mt. Dulcimer Bridges

I found a Mt. Dulcimer on Ebay made by Jim Woods that had a broken bridge & was missing 2 strings. Aside from that it was in great shape. I ordered these bridges from Folkcraft & they fit perfectly into the bridge slot. I sanded the bridge down for better action, moved the nut into place, put on a set of new strings & "Viola", I have a great sounding/looking dulcimer ! Replacing the bridge was very easy to do & this Folkcraft bridge worked perfectly/excellent.

Expressive simplicity

I bought this book for Castle of Dromore and I got so many more terrific songs. The multiple variations of each are helpful when progressing from a more simple to a more advanced version, I really appreciate the ability to scale up with Nina’s embellishments in the more advanced versions. This book is typified by Nina’s simple approach to writing tab and keeping her expressive fingerpicking style.


Easy to use and good music

Shoulder Strap for instrument bag

Replacement the original strap the plastic end broke apart.

The new strap appears to be working fine.

A must have manual.

Purchased directly from Melanie some years ago. It is excellence and a must have. Worth every cent.