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Some sweet strings!

I have a lovely Folkcraft Teardrop dulcimer with a sweet, melodious tone. It’s very soothing to both hear and play. I had been using 12-15-24 strings on it, often dropping from D-A-D tuning to C-G-C for easier slides and singing. A friend suggested 11-13-24 strings for my style of playing. I ordered a set and tried them. They gentled and smoothed my playing even more, and because I don’t play “hard and loud,” I find that even in C-G-C, the 11-13- 24 strings play well and clean. Keeping my fretboard clean and oiled, and using Fast Fret on the strings, means silky playing and sweet sounds! The strings seem to be lasting well.

Something for everyone and all together

We are working through this book and at first I thought "easy peasy"! HA! There are parts that address everyone's level I soon discovered. Clear notation, graduated difficulty, and lovely ensemble sound make this book unique. Buy it and find 3 of your dulcimer-playing friends---6 feet apart, outdoors, and masked!

Fun with friends

I love this book. It has easy songs and challenging songs that make you really work. The book is wonderful for use by a group. It can also be used as a solo book or for duets. I practice with a friend and we both wish more people in our area had this book

Tail Block

I finally opened up the Dulcimer kit i bought from Walt Disney in Orlando 43 years ago on our honeymoon. It was missing a tail block. I located the company, still in business and they charged me $5.49 plus $5.89 for shipping for a substitute one. I said my kit was Cherry. They sent me something else but it was not Cherry. I only used it as a pattern and bought Cherry instead. Anyone need a $12.00 tail block yet?

Not bad

In order to get the right rhythm of the song, it may be necessary to hear it.

Folkcraft® Custom Series Dulcimer, Cherry Body, Spruce Top
Beautiful Appalachian dulcimer

I received my teardrop dulcimer about 3 weeks ago. It is absolutely beautiful. The front and bottom panels are perfectly matched. The overall finish is exquisite. Before playing it I always enjoy its looks and smoothness. Playing it is a joy - it frets easily and the sound sustain is long. Overall I’m glad that I bought it from folkcraft and I know that it will continue to be treasure.
A final point - the service from folkcraft was excellent..

So delightful to have a copy of the House's work!

I have had dulcimer classes with both of these master dulcimer players and enjoyed them very much. I especially like that Kirk did bass dulcimer notation in this book since I play bass dulcimer, too.

Best Ever

About two weeks ago I received my seventh Folkcraft/Folkroots dulcimer and this last one is the best yet. I don't know how I could order a finer looking, better sounding instrument than my current one. Richard Ash was extremely helpful with his recommendations and he'll help you to if you so wish. He's just that way. Watching all the Folkcraft videos on YouTube was helpful too. I recommend that you give the custom shop a try.

Tom McConnell -Baritone Dulcimer Jam Book digital download

Tom McConnell offers beginning baritone dulcimer players an alternative to having to retune the baritone to ADa when playing in jams. Maintaining AEa in the jam is a wonderful option that others to date have not offered. The eBook option was an excellent portable option for me.

Great Gift

I bought the mountain dulcimer kit as a gift for my husband. The quality is very good and directions thorough although complicated. He’s having a great time building it!

Best quality and best service!

Easy ordering, quality product, and arrived sooner than I expected! Yey!

Dulcimer strings (for 6string dulcimer)

Excellent product like EVERYTHING sold by FolkCraft!

Uneven on the strings.


Good old country music, fun if you like to sing along.

Great find!

Just what I was looking for. Perfect to nip string ends. Small enough to fit into pocket of dulcimer case.

Although lefts, can also be used on the right side.

Very good quality

Dulcimer building materials

I always receive excellent personal service and quality materials from the folks at Folkcraft

I use them as ornamental piece in my hammers. Work great.

Nice arrangements

Really like this book, full of songs Ive never heard of , nice addition to my collection.

Tab|Edit Manual - PC

Just what I was looking for. The full-blown manual from Tab|Edit includes things I won't ever use. This one is customized for dulcimer. In the first 5 minutes of reading, the author cleared up 3 questions I've had.

Traditional Bowed Psaltery Bow