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Dulcimer Capo
Susan Gregory

I’ve not had a chance to try it yet.

Dulcimer Hanger

This is a very nice and attractive hanger that comes with all the hardware you need for installation.

Dunlop Picker's Pouch

Very convenient to have picks at your fingertips.

Bronze Wound Strings

I buy strings and for myself and dulcimer friends at Folkcraft. I think they are the best.


Tull's books are always good, this one is no different. I like his tabs....they are straightforward and done well.


This "case-sized" book of tab/staff sheets is handy for jotting down ideas.

Very Helpful

Mr. O'Rourke presents different methods of backup in easy to understand instructions. He gives tools that a player can quickly learn to use right away and expansions of these that take more time and effort to learn. It's great because it allows a player to grow in skill and confidence when playing with a group. I know that I will find this book to be very helpful as I work to improve my backup skills (and to get over my shyness and fear of playing with others!).

5 string banjo plan

My husband loved it!

Quality Strings

Folkcraft sells high quality strings. They usually ship the same day so they arrive quickly.

Aaron O'Rourk Basic Back Up

We bought this book to help us play duets. One of us can play backup while the other plays the melody. It is definitely more interesting than both of us just playing the same thing. We just got it so we are still in practice with it. Good stuff!

quality wire and people

They shipped my wire to Alaska and didn't charge me extra or international rates.

Dunlop Pick Holder
Joedy Studer
Handy Little Pick Holder

I had one of these holders on the dulcimer I regularly play. When I received my Folkcraft Chromatic dulcimer, I missed the convenience of having a variety of picks at my fingertips, so I ordered more Dunlop holders for all my dulcimers. Now I am happy.

Wonderful Chord Book

This book has everything about all the chords you need to know. It has charts for standard chord notation and both chromatic and diatonic numbering, which are easy to find and understand. Plus much more! This is a must-have book!

Red Strap

As usual, a very serviceable and attractive accessory.

Love the case

The case arrived quickly and I am please with the construction and roominess it has.

Butternut top

Great book match and beautiful wood.

Great teacher and book

The arrangements are beautiful and intended for the Intermediate level. Linda is the 1st woman to win the national championship (2001) and the first person to win with the fingerpicking chord-melody style. Many known dulcimer players learned from her. The YouTube videos she has posted are very helpful in learning her method, and her arrangements are consistent to that method.

Music book

Just getting into really trying to play my dulcimer. Am able to play most of the songs kinda

Good product, somewhat modifiable.

These are quality and convenient, they can also be sanded down to 1-1/4in wide and a 1/16in thick.

Good for odd dulcimers

Worked perfect for a random handmade dulcimer, looks good too.

Great sheet music and tablature by Larry!

Five stars! As an intermediate player, I really like Larry Conger's arrangements. This collection is an excellent assortment of American fiddle tunes, many of which are new to me. The audio files playing the melodies are just what I need to get tune and timing in my head and to learn to play it more easily.


Like the product and order was on time Great job

Perfect Fit

My 11 string Kantele (29") fits perfectly on an angle in this case.

Just a Closer Walk

Great transaction. Easy and clear download instructions.

Dulcimer parts order

Received all parts as advertised and delivered in two days from order date, Great service!