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Great Choice

I was gifted a Dulcimer for Christmas. Though I play many string instruments I wanted to learn more about this one in particular. I chose this book and purchased 3 others as well, but this one I found to be most helpful. This book a nice range of song choices, chord playing and ideas on strumming or plucking. I would highly recommend it

Good strings. Fast service

Good product. I prefer the tone of the bronze wound. Swapped them out on two dulcimers so far.

Thanks for all your help.


Perfect. Just what I wanted

Fun Hybrid between a banjo and dulcimer.

Work is first rate and African Mahogany is really eye catching.
Had rosewood fret veneer and looks really nice. Richard is easy to work with and will do basically any custom work you desire. The instrument plays very well and will stack up with any customs made. I would recommend Folkcraft and Richard’s work without reservation.
If you ever wanted to play the banjo and was afraid it was too difficult give the Lap-Jo a try. Easy as playing a dulcimer but sounds like a banjo!

Tuning knobs

Tuning knobs, black, they look great and they work smooth.

New Sound

I have found the book by "Aaron O'Rourke-1 1/2 Fret: Using It And Getting The Most Out Of It" easy to learn from and it's fun to learn the difference in the sound the 1 1/2 fret contributes to the songs when used. I am having fun trying this new fret on my new Folkcraft Dulcimer and applying it to other songs I to find when and where it can be used.

New Sounds abound!!

Planning Ahead

I am having fun learning and playing the songs in "Judy House-Patriotic Songs of the U.S." As a newer dulcimer player with no background in playing any
kind of instrument I find her book very helpful and easy to comprehend.

At our annual Fourth of July picnic, I plan to surprise family and friends with a Patriotic concert. Sooooo, Planning Ahead.

Great for retrofit...I'm ordering another set.

Brought new life to an aging dulcimer. The quarter inch shaft is useful for a lot of instruments with aging friction tuners. Thanks for your help!

I will purchase this again!

Great quality strings at a great price. They were easy to install on my instruments.

My Favorite Picks

I absolutely love these Herdim picks. They are my favorite picks. And Folkcraft is the only place that I know of that sells the sample pack. You get 4 each of different thicknesses so you can see which ones work best for your playing technique. They are reasonably priced and are a great buy. I would highly recommend this sample pack of picks!

Great wire

Exactly as ordered and shipped promptly.

FolkRoots® D Series Dulcimer, Walnut Body, Walnut Top
kdar ricki

great quality, I use it almost every day without any problems. Fantastic experience every step along the way. All of my questions were answered quickly and completely. My Folkcraft mountain dulcimer is beautiful and made with skilled craftsmanship. I love how it sounds even though I am a complete beginner. Hoping I can do it justice at some point!


great quality, I use it almost every day without any problems.

Folkcraft® FSH Series Dulcimer, Hickory Body, Spruce Top
kdar ricki

great quality, I use it almost every day without any problems.

Great way to order your musical books

I lead a dulcimer group in the southern Alabama. I called Richard about a month before I am ready to drive south and let him know which books I need, the good mailing address and when I’ll be there to receive them. That way he can make sure he has what I need but it is one less thing for me to pack. Voilà they materials I need are there waiting for me. Thank you Richard for making it so easy!

pick one

I like these picks. They are very comfortable to use.

Good product

Good strings. Reasonable price. Good service.

order mistake

I ordered the wrong strings and Richard kindly told me to return them and he would replace them at no charge to me including shipping. It was my mistake and I sent them back with the cost of shipping. It would have been wrong of me to have taken advantage of his courtesies. Richard was wonderful to deal with and sent the correct strings within days. Regards, Erwin

Finally worked out the kinks!

I finally was able to get around the files in my phone to receive the entirety of both books!! Thank you for everything and the help! Very happy to be able to get quality instruction way out here in the forest!!

Black Walnut Dulcimer Hanger

Works like a charm. Nice to have my instrument at hand when I want it. Would recommend and buy again. Thanks Folkcraft!

Herdim nylon picks

I have been using these picks for several years now. I find them to be easy to hold onto and they provide a nice tone quality to my dulcimer. Another benefit is being able to choose a different thickness on one pick.


Absolutely what I expected. Thanks for making dulcimer sheet music readily available

They Made a Big Difference

I installed Folkcrafts bass dulcimer strings on my bass, and it now sounds great as a solo instrument. With the prior strings the dulcimer was great for accompanying but effective as a solo with only some tunes. Now it does justice to any melody so I'm playing it a lot more. The difference is the bronze wound strings and the thin (for a bass) .022 melody strings. Because of the depth of my dulcimer both melody strings are needed to produce sufficient volume. But the two unison strings blend beautifully with the other two.

Squeakless dulcimer strings

I give these strings a rating of 3 stars because although they sound good the bass string is really not squeakless as I had wanted. I have previously been using bronze wound base strings that are very quiet and these are brass wound, which apparently makes a significant difference.

Tis the Season

Christmas Songs for the Mountain Dulcimer by Judy House is a welcome addition to my music libray.
In addition to well known songs of the season, there are also lesser known as well.
Scattered through the book are useful information about song and writers.
Make Christmas last all year long and enjoy the music of the Holidays.