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Easy download

So easy to download and save on my computer and tablet!

String quality

I have to question the quality of these strings as one out of the four I used broke while being tuned.

Folkcraft® Rosette, Flowering Sun, Maple

I purchased three Flowering Sun Rosettes. One at 1 1/2" and two at 2.3/16". Now, I build stick dulcimers (about two per year). Each one I try to make better than the one before and I started using these rosettes to add a little class to them. Normally, I cut a 1 1/2" sound hole. In my last one, I grabbed the wrong hole saw (I have quite a a few) which did not cut a hole, it chewed a hole in the soundboard. Well, that was awful and there was no way to repair short of drilling it out to the next larger size (1 3/4"). Now the rosettes wouldn't fit and I couldn't find any 1 3/4" rosettes anywhere. Then I looked closely at the image of the Flowering Sun rosette and noted that it has an internal design separated from an outer ring ty thin 'struts'. I measured the image on the screen, did some calculations and found that the inner design was awfully close to 1 3/4".
so I ordered two in the hopes that I could remove the outer ring and fit this to my instrument. Long story short, it worked. The inner design was a tad over 1 3/4" which meant I had to slightly enlarge the soundhole. Then press the rosette into place. Note that removing the outer ring leaves a rosette that is fairly delicate. You have to be very careful while handling it and pressing it in place. Get it right the first time because you won't be able to remove it with breaking it. A little CA and it is now fixed in place. and looks nice. [I did it twice because I had drilled a 1 3/4" hole in a previous instrument]

Second Saturday Clinic with John and Karen Keane

I am looking forward to this workshop. I have had both instructors before and they present material in a fun and relaxed way that is very easy to understand. Both are very good dulcimer teachers.

Steve Eulberg's First 50 Songs You Should Play on the Mountain Dulcimer

This book contains 50 popular songs from the last 50 years or so. The selections are very playable. It is fun having the tab for more modern music.

Something different!

Most of my dulcimer books have just folk, traditional, or bluegrass-type songs. A few have classical. This book has fun, mostly newer pieces we grew up hearing on the radio. Many are for the intermediate or slightly higher player. It's refreshing to see new content.

Dulcimer strap

Nicely made strap with leather ends for a strong hold on your dulcimer. East release and adjustible. Much nicer then anyother strap I have used. Color black

Love This Book

Tull's books are always good, this one is no different. I like his tabs....they are straightforward and done well.

Best Style Wrench

We use this wrench for our hammered dulcimer. This "T" style is the best for tuning, in our opinion.

Quality Case

Folkcraft quality in its design (envelope style) and manufacture. Folkcraft, have you ever considered cases with side walls?

Cherry Dulcimer

Beautiful instrument with a great sound.

First 50 Songs book review

Great selection of songs from beginner to advanced. The varied size easy to read tab numbers made it super easy to become acquainted with each song melody. It’s definitely a keeper!


Nice set. Vastly improves sound and playing.

Custom made folkcraft

Received my custom made folkcraft dulcimer this week. It is a true work of art
So beautiful and the sound is wonderful. Love it.🎶

Nice pick assortment

I like the choice of different strengths of picks depending upon what style I am playing. Very happy with my purchase.


I may have already did a review of this book! But I loved it so much, I immediately purchased a copy for a friend and another copy for my son.
I love the songs! I love the dulcimer cords and shapes being printed above each song. I love that the melody is printed in larger numbers in the tab.
Did I say “I LOVE “ this book! And I have bought many dulcimer books over the years!

Finger boards

I have used your finger boards for many years making Dulcimers and my Banjo-Mers. The wood is always highest quality. The boards are kiln dried and cut and
sanded true. This makes for easy final set-up when finished! Doug Thomson

Nice traditional bow

This is a very nice, traditional psaltery bow and is built well. The hair was a little wider than expected but still a nice bow.

Uke Strings

Great strings. Stays in tune. Hope it lasts.

Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer String Set, Loop Ends (.011" .011" .013" .024"RW)

Best selection on the market.

Of all the many books I own, this is the top one. Every single tune is a winner, most from my era. I can say I will enjoy every single selection. The chords he uses are amazing, 20 alone from What a Wonderful World. Brilliant tabs!

You Need This Book

Like most of us I've taken a few courses from Steven Eulberg online from him or QDF or wherever. I personally like his style and love his efforts to expand the repertoire of most MD players into other styles. With tunes in here from Harry Chapin, Jim Croce, Elvis, James Taylor, Bill Withers, and so many others this book shows you how to expand your horizons and explore some alternatives to the traditional, folk and fiddle music we are usually taught. A perfect style for advanced beginner or intermediate MD player. Get this book and start enjoying the ability to play songs so many of us grew up listening to on the radio.

I’m in love.

My new rosewood body and spruce top dulcimer is a dream. While it was a bass when I saw it hanging on the wall at the factory, Richard took it into the shop, changed the nut and the bridge, restrung it and made it the instrument I’ve been lusting for.
Given that my first two dulcimers were purchased at a flea market and a pawn shop, owning a finely crafted work of art has transported me to another world.
Thanks to all at Fookcraft to the time they took helping me get the perfect instrument for me.

They work

Good, long lasting batteries.

Good Mix, and Very playable

The songs covered everything I was looking, nice mix of songs and very playable