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Folkcraft Instruments Gift Card

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Do you want to

...start saving up for your next dulcimer?

Gift cards make it easy! out someone in your club, or someone new to dulcimer?

Folkcraft gift card!

...make a donation to a school's dulcimer program?

Gift cards are perfect!

...find the ideal gift for a loved one?

Then you're at the right place!


Folkcraft Instruments gift cards have no fees. You can use several gift cards combined for a single larger purchase. Or, you can use part of a gift card now, and part of your gift card later.

With amounts from $20 to $2000, you'll find the card YOU want. Buy now, and prepare to see the smile on someone's face!

When you make your gift card purchase online, we'll email you the gift card (a code that you can use in the shopping cart on future purchases). There is not a physical card that you get in the mail - the gift card is "virtual", and is sent to you via email.

Please note that when we're offering a "spend X dollars and get free shipping" promotion, gift cards do not apply to the free shipping promotion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Dale Jablonski
Senior moment

I had the misfortune of committing a senior moment. I forgot to use my gift card as I was busy with alot of other projects. My bad! I was going to purchase a spare set of strings. Drat.

Glynda Willis
Great Ideas

Receiving Picking Points is a great incentive for us “Folkies” who routinely order strings and things. When applied to any purchase, it’s like getting your favorite items at a discount..I Love it.

Alan Richter
Bass Dulcimer Book

"It's All About the Bass Dulcimer!" by Elaine Conger provides tab for 100 popular folk tunes. The book proves valuable for practicing the bass dulcimer, which would be more fulfilling to do in a jam setting because the arrangements are such that it's difficult if not impossible to tell what song you're playing when only playing the bass part. However, the only time I play with other mountain dulcimer players is during classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music and, although I've played bass dulcimer on occasion there, I must play arrangements from the instructor. Nonetheless, the bass dulcimer songs are worth playing to improve my rhythm, especially when "accompanied" by a metronome.

Susie C.
Perfect Gift

What better gift than this to give to your favorite dulcimer player!
Easy to redeem.

Gary Brunk

hi rich, merry xmas to you and your group. I appreciate the gift card but please pass it on to someone needier. at 81,, I'm still having fun with my double-neck. the MAX DAD really has my curiousity. If you ever build a "Lefty" I'd sure like to stroke it's strings just for the fun of it. Thanks & Happy New Year. gb