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Folkcraft Player - Susan Curtis

susan curtis with dulcimers 

I started my personal music career in 1973 with fingerstyle guitar, and I have played many other fretted instruments along the way.
After retirement at the end of 2006, I began playing the mountain dulcimer. My first dulcimer was a FolkRoots D Series (spruce/walnut). After purchasing a second FolkRoots, I treated myself to two Custom Series Folkcraft dulcimers, a standard (butternut/walnut) and a baritone (cherry). My customs are beautiful in woods, tone, and craftsmanship.

For the standard custom, Steve Ash graciously inlaid a dolphin (maple) in the fretboard to match the dolphin tone holes. I just love it! susan curtis dolphin dulcimer
My current dulcimer collection includes several other dulcimers from other fine companies. I respect Richard Ash, as well as the other makers, for their support of each other and the dulcimer community as a whole. In addition to playing music at home, with friends, and at a local Assisted Living Facility, I enjoy attending dulcimer festivals with my sister whenever possible.