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Folkcraft Instructional Videos

Adding Back Strum To Your First Song

back strum boiled cabbage

This is a follow to last week's "first song" video. Mandy adds a bit of back strum to the classic tune. Tasty!

The Video (hosted at YouTube)
PDF Handout

Your First Song
first dulcimer song

In this video, Mandy teaches new players the "first song". A little boiled cabbage never hurt anyone!

The Video (hosted at YouTube)
PDF Handouts 1 and 2

Installing Strap Buttons

how to install strap buttons

This quick video walks you through installing a set of strap buttons on your mountain dulcimer. Easy!

The Video (hosted at YouTube)

Learning The 1.5 Fret

mandy 1.5 fret video
In this video, Mandy demonstrates two short and simple exercises for you to use to help get comfortable using your 1 1/2 fret. We've provided tablature that you can download.

The Video (hosted at YouTube)
PDF handout
3 Easy Chords

mandy 3 chords video thumbnail
In this mini lesson, Mandy Tyner (of Banjo Lemonade) teaches you 3 beginner chords and gives you a couple of great tips on fretting!

The Video (hosted at YouTube)
PDF handout

Spicing Up A Melody

mandy tyner spicing up dulcimer melody video

Learn how to spice up your melody with Mandy Tyner - she starts out the video with a simple tune, then adds some decorations. Hammer ons, pull offs, and all kinds of fun fluff. Perfect for a strong beginner, or intermediate  player.

The Video (hosted at YouTube
No PDF for this video - you'll be using your eyes and ears