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Aaron O'Rourke - 1 1/2 Fret: Using It And Getting The Most Out Of It

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So you just bought a new dulcimer, and it has a 1 1/2 fret. What now? How do you "get used" to it? And what, other than fumble over it, can you do with it?

This book takes you, in a methodical and purposeful way, through the process. It is like having Aaron O'Rourke (arguably one of the best dulcimer players on the planet) sitting at your side, helping you make the transition. How to get used to the fret, how to do some new (or newly accessible) chords, how to use the fret as a melodic enhancement. This book has it all, and you really ought to know the stuff he's teaching here. 

Take your playing to the next level, and have some fun at the same time with this amazing book!

This amazing book includes free downloadable audio files that you can use to teach your ear how the tunes and exercises should sound. Here's a link to the page with the audio files.

This book is published by Folkcraft® Instruments, under the Fingers Of Steel® imprint.

45 pages.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Deborah Pullins
New Sound

I have found the book by "Aaron O'Rourke-1 1/2 Fret: Using It And Getting The Most Out Of It" easy to learn from and it's fun to learn the difference in the sound the 1 1/2 fret contributes to the songs when used. I am having fun trying this new fret on my new Folkcraft Dulcimer and applying it to other songs I to find when and where it can be used.

New Sounds abound!!

Nelson Haynes
Good Boo

This is a good basic dulcimer book for those new to the 11/2 fret.

Jim Furry
O’Rouke 1 1/2 Fret

Best I have seen. Gives new ideas and ways to use the 1 1/2

Karen E ONeal
Great instruction

I had been looking for some time for a book dedicated to the 1+ fret. After finding out from Aaron he had written one and Folkcraft had it there was no question what book was to be added to my Dulcimer book library. The information provided and progression of work has given me new understanding of the fret and how it adds to additional chord choices and sounds I’ve been looking for. Beginners to advanced players will benefit from the content here. This book is a keeper!

Nelson Vinson

It was absolutely necessary to learn 1 1/2 fret, Bing Futch was also helpful