Fret Position Reference Guide For Mountain Dulcimer, Hurdy Gurdy, And Other Diatonic Instruments

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Figuring out "where the frets go" is one of the trickiest things about building a lap dulcimer. Our handy reference guide has detailed charts that show fret placement for every scale length from eight inches to thirty-two inches, in eighth-inch increments.

Are you building a traditional diatonic instrument? You're covered! Each chart has twenty-one whole-number frets.

Building a chromatic (or partially-chromatic) instrument? We've included all of the "half-number frets" as well. From the 6 1/2 and 13 1/2, to the 1 1/2 and 8 1/2 frets, all the way to a fully-chromatic instrument.

All charts show the exact locations (to the thousandth of an inch) for the nut, bridge, and thirty-six frets (21 whole-number frets, plus the "half-number" frets). Each fret location is identified three ways: 1) inches to previous fret; 2) inches to nut; 3) inches to bridge.

This 208-page book is the ultimate reference for any builder of Appalachian dulcimers. The author of the book is the owner of Folkcraft Instruments, one of the oldest dulcimer-building companies in the world. Folkcraft is renowned for having "true" fretboards, and this set of charts will put your instruments on the path to playing each note in tune.

Don't spend all that time and money building a dulcimer that doesn't play in tune. With this book you'll be able to build the "perfect" dulcimer for your next project, and have an instrument that sounds great!

This book is published by Folkcraft Instruments, under the Fingers Of Steel imprint. The author/compiler of this reference book is Folkcraft owner/luthier Richard Ash.

208 pages.