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Traditional Hourglass Style Mountain Dulcimer Plan

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If you have ever wondered how to build your own mountain dulcimer, then you need our building plans for a traditional hourglass-shaped mountain dulcimer. Our full scale pattern shows you the exact dimensions and shapes for the fingerboard, soundboard (top), braces, back, tail block, fingerboard, fret spacing (this plan shows a 27" VSL), bridges, string spacing and so much more. Suggested wood types are also provided. This hourglass dulcimer plan will get you past the hard part of building an instrument, and right into the fun part - cutting, gluing, and finishing!
Please note: The various wood parts that we offer are appropriate for use with this dulcimer plan, but you may find that some dimensions don't match exactly. If you use the wood parts that we sell (the same parts we use in our own shop for building Folkcraft and FolkRoots dulcimers!) you may find it necessary to adjust this dulcimer plan to fit the wood perfectly. These mountain dulcimer plans are intended to offer you a starting point and a set of guidelines for the instruments you will build.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Nungesser
Working a Tune

I'm very new to associating with musical instruments, both in playing, and to make an instrument! I've wanted to create a mountain dulcimer for all over 30 years. When I recently held one it beckoned me to that urge.
I found Folk Craft for instructions and hardware. Easy to follow! All round great tool. The only trouble I had was with the fret wire. It was difficult to set.
Next one will be better.

William Smith
Missing details

Plane are good , just missing some details . No bridge details for example . String spacing not shown .
Angle of neck looks like one degree , this seems too slight but without bridge detail , you can not know..

Lee Yunseok
Nice plans, best customer service.

The plans has full details about ukulele. Folkcraft provides full of A4 tip note, and best customer service. I recommend :)

John Eickstadt
Great teardrop dulcimer plans

I picked up a partially assembled Folkcraft dulcimer kit. Unfortunately, it had limited paperwork. Folkcraft had this full size plan available. It has all the information I need to correct issues and build this box of wood into the fine instrument it was meant to be. This should be a very nice winter project. The next project will be to learn to play it.

Philip Cooke
3 String Diatonic Hurdy Gurdy Plan

Arrived in a timely manor in good condition. Sufficiently detailed that I believe that I can make a Gurdy from them. Satisfied customer.