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Folkcraft® Fret Wire, Four Feet

Item Number 2340081

Regular price $12.00

Our premium fret wire is 18% nickel-silver and comes pre-straightened, so you don't have to go through the hassle of working with curved fret wire. Dulcimer fret wire is sold in pieces that are twelve inches long. This package contains four one-foot pieces, for a total of four feet of fret wire. (It will take roughly three feet of fret wire to fully fret a diatonic mountain dulcimer.)
Our fret wire is a perfect size for use in building Appalachian dulcimers. The crown height (above the fingerboard) is .037 inches, the crown width is .080 inches, and the tang width is .019 inches. On this straightened wire, you'll want to cut a fret slot at least .058 inches deep, so that the crown will sit flush with your fingerboard. This item is also part of our dulcimer hardware kit.

Customer Reviews

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glenn bohn

Worked great

Larry Edinger

Folkcraft® Fret Wire, Four Feet

Paul Race
Good price and quality, but wrong gauge for my Folkcraft Dulcimer. Will make it work anyway.

I have an older Folkcraft dulcimer that doesn't have the "6 1/2" fret. I wanted to use it in a clinic, so I thought I would order your fret wire and install one myself. The price was fine and shipping was fast.

Turns out your fret wire doesn't match the frets on my dulcimer. As I said, mine is older, and you've probably changed, but it would have been nice to know.

I will use it anyway. And I have other student dulcimers that could stand to have the 6 1/2 fret added as well, so I'll be using at least a foot or two of the material. So overall, I'm not TOO disappointed. :-)

Herb McMurtry
Fret Wire

I haven’t used this batch of fret wire…I have no reason to believe it won’t be excellent as always.
Doing business with Folkcraft is simply a great experience. Thank You

David Stephenson
Building supply orders

I’ve made several orders over the past few weeks for gear tuners, fret wire and various items to try my hand at building a dulcimer. Every time I get very fast response from ordering and receive correct shipments within a few days. Good people to work with.