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Folkcraft® Fret Wire, Four Feet

Item Number 2340081

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Our premium fret wire is 18% nickel-silver and comes pre-straightened, so you don't have to go through the hassle of working with curved fret wire. Dulcimer fret wire is sold in pieces that are twelve inches long. This package contains four one-foot pieces, for a total of four feet of fret wire. (It will take roughly three feet of fret wire to fully fret a diatonic mountain dulcimer.)
Our fret wire is a perfect size for use in building Appalachian dulcimers. The crown height (above the fingerboard) is .037 inches, the crown width is .080 inches, and the tang width is .019 inches. On this straightened wire, you'll want to cut a fret slot at least .058 inches deep, so that the crown will sit flush with your fingerboard.

Customer Reviews

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Great products

Best fretwire deal ever. Served in a timely manner too!

Excellent service

Fast and great product

Fret wire

I make dulcimers and strum sticks. This is the fret wire I always use. It is just right and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Folkcraft® Fret Wire, Four Feet

just as described

happy customer

I was given a dulcimer neck and body with no hardware, and didn't know where to start. Richard helped me to buy fret wire, saddle and nut, strings, and anchor pins. I appreciated his knowledge and patience with this dulcimer novice. After some sanding and applying finish, I did my first fret job, mounted the tuners, inserted the anchor pins, and strung up the dulcimer. It sings a sweet song, and I am grateful to Richard for helping to guide me through the process. I highly recommend Folkcraft Instruments, and would not hesitate to use them in the future.

-Dave Lucas