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Folkcraft® Cardboard Dulcimer Kit, Chromatic

Item Number 2315287

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Featuring corrugated paper, our chromatic cardboard dulcimer kit is just what you've been trying to find! All of the paper parts are cut out, and ready to glue. Our corrugated paper or cardboard dulcimer kit is just what you've been trying to find! To build a dulcimer, all of the paper parts are cut out, and ready to glue. The fretboard is made of a solid hardwood, is slotted for nut, bridge, and frets. It also has holes pre-drilled to accommodate the machine heads. Our kits have a fretboard with a 27" VSL (Vibrating String Length).

Detailed instructions are provided, and this cardboard chromatic dulcimer kit should take you about two hours to build. You'll need the following tools: a small hammer (for tapping in the frets and anchor pins); a drill with #49 bit (for drilling the holes for the anchor pins and machine head screws); a small Phillips head screwdriver (for installing the machine head screws); a piece of sandpaper, either 120 grit or 220 grit (for fitting the nut and bridge pieces); a pair of wire cutters (for trimming the frets and cutting the strings to length); and a flat file (for finishing the ends of the frets). You'll also need to provide some white or yellow glue (for assembling the cardboard parts).

People ask us how our chromatic cardboard dulcimers sound. They are the best cardboard dulcimers we've ever heard. The Folkcraft cardboard dulcimer kits have a sweet mellow sound. They don't have the volume of a cherry or walnut dulcimer, though. If you want a loud instrument, choose something in solid wood.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Mark Dallner
First Build

took my time in the build over three days. print & pictures could be larger. or the toner/ink replaced in your printer. easy to follow overall. now getting used to having all the notes…

Janet Eger
Cardboard Dulcimer Kit

My friend was thrilled with the gift--just not the condition in which it arrived! The carrier demolished the package, but after being contacted about the problem, you promptly shipped another kit via another carrier. Thank you so VERY much for being so kind and prompt about sending the replacement. I have truly sung your praises to my friend and have encouraged her to sign up for your newsletter and to check out the books, etc. that you have available.

My second one!

This was so much fun that I made another one for a friend. Now that I have one under my belt, the second one was even prettier! The sound is really awesome for a cardboard instrument. I cannot say enough good about this kit and all the dulcimers from Folkcraft. Love them all!

Christine Schrammeck
I did it!

Once I received my cardboard dulcimer, I was afraid I couldn't put it together. However, I decided to start. If I couldn't finish it I would get help. I did it all by myself. I did have trouble installing the frets and some places my strings buzz. Overall, I am very happy with my chromatic dulcimer.

Randy Clark
Will need neighbors with the right tools

Another reviewer stated he got help from his neighbors to do the fret work. I don't have that neighbor so my fret wires are a mess.
I think the kit should come fretted because I don't have hours to file the hard fret wire down or a neighbor with the right power tool.
After some time on this it's still in the box.....