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Folkcraft® Black Walnut Hourglass Dulcimer Kit

Item Number 2310052

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Have you ever dreamed of building a fine musical instrument, but don't have the time (or the tools) to prepare the wood for assembly? We can help you fulfill your dream with the Folkcraft black walnut dulcimer kit!

Folkcraft hourglass dulcimer kits are ready to assemble. All of the hardware (machine heads, nut, bridge, end pins, strings) is included; the sides are already bent; the scroll head is shaped, routed, and drilled; the fretboard is already fretted (by the same luthiers that build the world famous Folkcraft and FolkRoots dulcimers); the wood has all been sanded to at least 120 grit; and detailed instructions are included with every kit.

You will need a few hand tools (a knife, a drill, a hammer, a screwdriver), sandpaper, and wood glue to assemble your hourglass dulcimer. For finishing, we recommend either polyurethane or a Danish oil.

Folkcraft walnut dulcimer kits are enjoyed by hobbyists, and by recreational builders everywhere. Folkcraft dulcimer kits are sold (in large quantities, year after year) to professional dulcimer builders who assemble and finish the instruments themselves, selling the completed dulcimers at festivals and in their own shops.

So whether you're looking to spend a few relaxing weekends building an heirloom instrument that will be treasured by your family for generations, or you're looking for a new business opportunity, you've found what you need - a Folkcraft hourglass dulcimer kit!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dulcimer kit

Pricey. Nicely engineered. Nice pieces of stock. No kerfing included. Tuner bars longer than the headstock notch after finish sanding. No tuner bar grommets included.

Folkcraft dulcimer kit.

This was a great purchase, timely arrival, very good condition, beautiful wood. Hubby is having fun building the dulcimer.

Excellent quality !

It is hard for me to review this kit because I built a custom instrument from parts of this kit. While the directions are short and partially pictorial, if you follow the directions, do some outside research and look at examples you can build a beautiful instrument from this kit. The wood selection is good and book matched parts are nicely selected, and the peg head is finely machined. The key here is everything is made of SOLID WOOD, there are no laminated or plywood parts.
I made several requests when I ordered my kit.
1. I wanted a longer scale length, so Richard was nice enough to send a fingerboard blank and fret wire instead of a finished board so I could make the scale I chose.
2. I wanted 2 1/4” tall sides. Again the good people at Folkcraft made changes and substituted parts.
No other “ kit” is the quality of this one. And building this kit can allow enough experience to build a more intricate instrument the next time. My instrument came out exceptional and sounds Amazing.

Beautiful wood

As a luthier, I cut ant resaw a lot of wood. This saves me hours and hours and the quality is awesome. Easy to build and with just minimal finishing skills these kits can produce a wonderful instrument.

great service from a great company

I called in with some questions and I was helped big time. Folkcraft is a great company and they bend over backwards to help. I can’t recommend them enough. Great people and great products at a very good price.