Bing Futch - Method For Bass Mountain Dulcimer

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Bing Futch’s “Method For Bass Mountain Dulcimer the most comprehensive how-to-learn-the-dulcimer book available. From learning “just enough” theory to get you playing, to adding embellishments and rhythmic variations, this instruction book is the gold standard for any dulcimer player that’s adding the bass mountain dulcimer to his or her instrumental mix.

Learn to play backup with any genre of music, learn how to solo, and learn how to “make it up as you go”. Most importantly, have fun playing your bass mountain dulcimer!

Typically tuned to DAD (just like a standard dulcimer, but tuned down an entire octave), the bass mountain dulcimer fills a unique niche in both solo and ensemble performances.

Audio tracks are included (as a free download at Here's a link to the ZIP file.

This book is published by Folkcraft Instruments, under the Fingers Of Steel imprint.