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Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer String Set, Ball Ends (.012" .015" .024"RW)

Item Number 9020271

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This set of Folkcraft brand dulcimer strings will keep your instrument sounding great. These ball end strings come in a set of three with the following gauges: .012, .015, .024RW.

Strings in this set:
Melody string: .012
Middle string: .015
Bass string: .024RW

The "RW" stands for Roller-Wound. The roller wound strings have a steel core, with a brass winding. The brass winding has been flattened with rollers, creating a warm sound with very little string squeak.

If you play your dulcimer set up with three strings (instead of four), then we're recommending these gauges - the balance across the strings is better for three-string players. (Some people take off the extra melody string of a four-string dulcimer string set, and play with 011, .013, and .024RW, but the slightly heavier gauges of our optimized three-string set are better for most players and most instruments.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Gail Garin
No strings attached!

Happy to get my dulcimer strings but I wish you could package the sets with less/ no plastic… that possible?

Peter Cohee
love the roller wound strings!

Crisp, bright, sweet tone; with good tuners, these strings stay tuned for a long time. Thank you!

Alan Cummings
Dulcimer fix

The new machine heads on my 50-yr-old dulcimer look really great!

Gary Akrop
Excellent product quality, value and customer service!

Excellent product quality and value! Customer service and advice second to none.

The Rev Charles Hensel
Not yet

I have not yet put the strings on my dulcimer. The instrument is a four sting. I made it in 1967. It has Brazilian rose wood back, ribs and fret-board, spruce belly and Honduras mahogany peg box.

It's the best of the 60 or so that I made.