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Folkcraft LAP-JO® String Set, 3 Strings, Loop End (.012" .015" .026"SS)

Item Number 2329208

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This set is chosen specifically for our specialty lap instrument with strings, the Folkcraft LAP-JO! These loop end strings are the right choice of gauges for a player that chooses 3-string playing.

Strings in this set:
Melody string .012
Middle string: .015
Bass string: .026SS

The "SS" stands for Stainless Steel. Stainless steel wound strings have a steel core, with a stainless steel winding. The stainless steel helps the LAP-JO achieve that bright, traditional banjo sound.

With a .012 for the melody string, a .015 for the middle string, and a .026 stainless steel wound string for the bass, this set balances the volume and tone across the strings (great for flatpicking!) and has a clear, bell-like tone quality.

Customer Reviews

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Bossardet Thomas
Dulcimer strings

Picked up spare strings for my fleet of Folkcraft dulcimer’s

Lucinda M.
Bought some strings

My order was filled quickly and accurately. Thanks for making it so easy!