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Folkcraft LAP-JO® String Set, 3 Strings, Loop End (.012" .015" .026"SS)

Item Number 2329208

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This set is chosen specifically for our specialty lap instrument with strings, the Folkcraft LAP-JO! These loop end strings are the right choice of gauges for a player that chooses 3-string playing.

Strings in this set:
Melody string .012
Middle string: .015
Bass string: .026SS

The "SS" stands for Stainless Steel. Stainless steel wound strings have a steel core, with a stainless steel winding. The stainless steel helps the LAP-JO achieve that bright, traditional banjo sound.

With a .012 for the melody string, a .015 for the middle string, and a .026 stainless steel wound string for the bass, this set balances the volume and tone across the strings (great for flatpicking!) and has a clear, bell-like tone quality.

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