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Dulcimer Capo

Item Number 2310031

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When you play the dulcimer, you will often run into a song that just doesn't "sit right" in DAD or DAA. Adding one of our mountain dulcimer capos to your instrument changes you instantly to a different tuning, without the hassle of adjusting your strings. Instead of playing in just one key, you can easily add variety and versatility to your dulcimer playing with our "easy on, easy off" capo. Made specifically for a mountain (Appalachian, lap) dulcimer, our capo for sale won't hurt your dulcimer's finish. It is easy to use, sounds great, and is highly recommended for all players, beginning through advanced.

This capo is made in the USA, and will accommodate fretboards as narrow  as 1 5/16", and as wide as 1 9/16".

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Michelle A.
More than just a wooden capo.

I really like the capo has cork on the arms and rubber where it meets the strings. Seems sturdy. My other capo off Amazon broke fairly quickly.

Richard Closson

Not happy with this capo at all!!! Would have sent them back, but needed to use them. Very hard to get the square piece to get in place to hold the capo against the fret board and the screw hurts your fingers when screwing on the capo to the fretboard. Able to use but not comfortable with it.

Roni OConnell
Great capo

Well made and easy to use.

Good place to start with capo

I purchased just in time for one of the Saturday classes. I had not used a capo before and this one served me well at class to get started. Looking forward to trying new things with it.

Anngail Smith
Not bad not but as good as some

Ordered the capo for myself and a friend- we had never used one. The other class members had different albeit more expensive ones. The part of the cap that slides along the top glide kept turning up and getting stuck on the inside of the top. It ok several of us to figure out how to move the top pice while holding the bottom piece straight. Once tightened was the right size for the dulcimer, it was easier. But no way as easy as the other brands.