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Dulcimer Capo

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When you play the dulcimer, you will often run into a song that just doesn't "sit right" in DAD or DAA. Adding one of our mountain dulcimer capos to your instrument changes you instantly to a different tuning, without the hassle of adjusting your strings. Instead of playing in just one key, you can easily add variety and versatility to your dulcimer playing with our "easy on, easy off" capo. Made specifically for a mountain (Appalachian, lap) dulcimer, our capo for sale won't hurt your dulcimer's finish. It is easy to use, sounds great, and is highly recommended for all players, beginning through advanced.

This capo is made in the USA, and will accommodate fretboards as narrow  as 1 5/16", and as wide as 1 9/16".

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Tom Spina

Not QUITE as easy to use having to push head and holding pin simultaneously but works great, holds tight. Beautiful workmanship.

Susan DeBell

I liked the capo - well made, but it is too big for my Applecreek. Guess I’ll have to order one of your dulcimers so it won’t go to waste!!

Melodee James
Dulcimer capo

The capo I ordered is beautifully crafted. I can not use it yet because the neck of my instrument is too narrow and the capo cannot tighten enough. I am going to add a small block of cork to the capo to fill the needed gap. This being said I am excited to try it and to gain more flexibility with my instrument. Richard Ash was very helpful in brainstorming a solution.

Lila Carey

good as always

Butch Hilsabeck

The Folkcraft folks got my capo to me faster than I can change keys...😁...
BTW... My Folkcraft dulcimer has a birthday of 8/9/1995...
CFSHC&W 789 .