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Black Walnut Ukulele Hanger, Wall Mount

Item Number 2852306

Regular price $19.00

How big is your ukulele collection? Do you have your ukuleles displayed, nicely, and SAFELY? Try one (or several) of our ukulele hangers. We use these in our own showroom, so you know we trust them for the instruments we build. Now you can use the same hangers in your own home!

We sell three varieties of this hanger - one for flat-head dulcimer, one for ukulele, and one for scroll-head dulcimer. The rubber-coated metal part (that forms the actual instrument cradle) is interchangeable from one hanger to the next. If you mount the walnut backer to your wall, it is only a few moments' work to unscrew the cradle (no tools!) and put on a different shape, to hold a different instrument.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Roni OConnell
Works well

Attractive and keeps my dulcimer safe.

Joedy Studer
Dulcimer Hanger

This is a very nice and attractive hanger that comes with all the hardware you need for installation.

Michael Scofield
Looks & Works Great

Just what I wanted. A hanger that was easy to install and looks great.

Thomas Alphenaar
Dulcimer Hanger

Very nice unit. My dulcimer looks great hanging on the wall and keeps reminding me to play it!

Ronald Jetter
Suitable for some stringed instruments

The hanger was easily assembled and installed. I'm a little concerned that the weight of the dulcimer might eventually stress the connection between the mounting block and the hanging hook. Time will tell.