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Folkcraft® Bronze Wound Strings, Loop Ends, Pack Of Twelve, .032

Item Number 2310127

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Each of these strings is phosphor bronze wound with a loop end. Each set comes with 12 strings.

This particular string is .032" (32/1000 of one inch) in diameter, and is sometimes called .032BW. Each string has a total length of 46 inches (46"), and has approximately 42" of that total length covered with the bronze winding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Gary C
Great strings!

I bought a 12-pack of the .024 bronze wound strings with ball ends. I use this for the low D string on all my mountain dulcimers and as a bonus they are easily changed to loop ends when needed. They hold up well to strumming, flat picking, and finger picking and sound great. I switched from a nickel wound option which was too “bright” sounding and these are just mellow enough to fit what I was looking for.

Tom Young
Great customer service

Product received was complete, shipped fast and in great shape.
Nice to work with a company with outstanding customer service.

Susan Hamilton
Bronze Wound .020, Ball End Stings

Great quality strings. Great customer service.

Preston Robertson
Folkcraft® Bronze Wound Strings, Loop Ends, Pack Of Twelve, .024

Great strings!

Mary Waydo
Changing Strings

After chatting with Richard about some difficulties I was having playing my beautiful Folkcraft dulcimer (due to my physical issues, arthritis, etc.) he recommended changing to a lighter gauge of strings which he promptly dropped in the mail. What a difference it made, in my playing and even my wanting to play! After putting the new set of of strings on my dulcimer all of a sudden it became a whole lot more user friendly, easier to play and sounding great. The product is great, but I equally appreciated the customer service and advice. Thanks, Richard!