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Folkcraft® Bronze Wound Strings, Loop Ends, Pack Of Twelve, .018

Item Number 2310120

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Each of these strings is phosphor bronze wound with a loop end. Each set comes with 12 strings.

This particular string is .018" (18/1000 of one inch) in diameter, and is sometimes called .018BW. Each string has a total length of 46 inches (46"), and has approximately 42" of that total length covered with the bronze winding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Peter Cohee
clear and sweet

Following Bing Futch's suggestion, I switched from DAD to CGC and brought my string gauges up to 28-18-14. Richer sound, consistent tension across all three strings. Still a slight buzzing in my middle string, which isn't fully seating in the old tighter A-string grooves, but that will settle down soon, I think.

Walter Mann
Good strings. Fast service

Good product. I prefer the tone of the bronze wound. Swapped them out on two dulcimers so far.

Thanks for all your help.

order mistake

I ordered the wrong strings and Richard kindly told me to return them and he would replace them at no charge to me including shipping. It was my mistake and I sent them back with the cost of shipping. It would have been wrong of me to have taken advantage of his courtesies. Richard was wonderful to deal with and sent the correct strings within days. Regards, Erwin

Tom Shawver
Old man

Richard is very patient and super knowledgeable. He builds the best
Instruments and will guide you if you want a
Custom build

Richard Merriss

Everything i had ordered for my dulicmers have been nothing but the best.