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Tull Glazener - Waltzing With The Mountain Dulcimer

Item Number 1310095

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32 pages.

Songs included:

Rose Of Sharon Waltz - DAD Tuning
Southwind - DAD Tuning
My Own Home - DAD Tuning
Spanish Fandango - DAD Tuning
Brahms' Lullaby - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Johannes Brahms
Ye Banks And Braes - GDG Tuning - Composed by: Robert Burns
Soldier's Joyful Waltz - DAD Tuning
Skater's Waltz - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Emil Waldtufel
Cowboy's Waltz - GDG Tuning
Ash Grove - GDG Tuning - Lyrics included
Bach Minuet #2 - GDG Tuning - Composed by: J. S. Bach
Bach Minuet #4 - DAD Tuning - Composed by: J.S. Bach
Planxty Irwin - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Turlough O'Carolan
Hewlett - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Turlough O'Carolan
Teddy O'Neill - DAD Tuning - Lyrics included
Black Velvet Waltz - DAD Tuning
McKowski's Waltz - DAD Tuning
Shelly's Waltz - DAD Tuning

Customer Reviews

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Tull Glazener Dulcimer Waltz

As a beginner the CD is very helpful to here how the songs are played. I've only been at it since March. I practice every day and hope to be able to play this well eventually