Steve Eulberg - I Celebrate Life!

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A boot-kicking hoe-down with relaxing, breath-catching interludes, followed by jig steps and waltzes, "I Celebrate Life!" is a collection of original songs and tunes for both the mountain dulcimer and hammered dulcimer. This book/CD set spans the first 25 years of Steve Eulberg's music. 84 pages.

Song List:

I Celebrate Life! - DAA
Soaring - DAA
Mt. Jackson - DAC
On My Heart Imprint Your Image - DAC - Composed by: T. H. Kingo and P. O. Stromme
Elk In The Meadow - DGD
Connie's Jig - DAA
O Virgin-ee-i-a - DAD
We Are An Answer To Prayer - DAA
Bedtime In The Meadow - DAD
Byward Tower - DAA
Cracking Open A New Century - DAD
Dancing With Wu-Li Masters - EAA
Jumpin' Java (A) - DAA
Jumpin' Java (B) - DAD
Hugs - DAA
Humpty Dumpty - DAA
Trip To Lucky Joe's - DAA
First Snow - DAD
Just A Sliver Short Of Full - AEG
Katie And Maggie's Lullaby - DAA
Noel New-velet - AEA
Old Shoe Waltz - DAD
Pining Hearts - DAA
Primero - DAD
Restore Us, O God - DAD
Ponder - AEA
June - DAA
Portage River - DAC
Orphan Train - AEA
Seton Sands - DAD
Lake Ozark Blues - DAC
Ferret Frolic - DAD
One Sweet Sabbath Breath
The Reluctant Busboy
Snowbow At Sky
Portage River
Old Show Waltz
Woodland Acres Waltz
First Snow
Summer Storm