Stephen Seifert - Foundational Techniques For The Beginning Mountain Dulcimer Player In DAD

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The key to mastering the dulcimer (or any instrument) is to give yourself a sure foundation on which you can build your playing style. This wonderful book by Stephen Seifert breaks down the process into easy to learn steps so you can learn and develop the skills necessary to become a dulcimer master. The media included with this book not only contains audio demonstrations on how to play the tunes, but personal tips and lessons from Stephen that give you the keys to success with your instrument.

Accompaniment CD and DVD Video included!

25 pages.

Song list:

Bile Them Cabbage Down
Lynchburg Town
Angelina Baker
Arkansas Traveler
Buffalo Gals
Go Tell Aunt Rhodie
Grey Cat On A Tennessee Farm
Liza Jane
Mississippi Sawyer
Old Joe Clark
Shortnin' Bread
Soldier's Joy
Whiskey Before Breakfast