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Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer String Set, Six String, Ball Ends (.011" .011" .013" .013" .024"BW .011")

Item number 2310231, Regular price $8.95

This set of 6 Folkcraft-brand dulcimer strings are great for your six-string dulcimer. Providing a good balance of tone, brightness, and clarity, these strings will play well and sound great. Gauges are: .011, .011, .011, .013, .013, .024BW.

Strings in this set:
Melody strings (2): .011
Middle strings (2): .013
Bass strings (1 each of): .011 and .024BW

When we string up six-string instruments here in the shop, we'll use two .011 strings for the melody course, two .013 strings for the middle course, and one .011 and one .024BW string for the bass course. The melody strings are tuned in unison, the middle strings are tuned in unison, and the bass strings are tuned one-high (same as the melody string) and one-low (one octave below the melody string).

Customer Reviews

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Strings for my dulcimer. This is what they installed at the shop, so o use them, too.

Long Lifespan

I was unsure of what strings my dulcimer needed. So I called Richard at Folkcraft and he was very helpful in figuring out what I needed. He recommended these strings. I must say they are great quality and last a long time! The packaging was nice and made it easy to identify what strings gauges were what. I will definitely be back to order more strings soon. Thanks Richard!