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Folkcraft® Roller-Wound Brass Wound String, Loop End, .024

Item Number 9022077

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Our brass wound (roller-wound, abbreviated RW, or in the case of this particular string, .024RW) string has been (partially) flattened with rollers, which reduces the “squeak” you get with regular wound strings. Loop end, American made, and the best quality available from any source. This is a pack of one (single) string.

This particular string is .024" (22/1000 of one inch) in diameter, and is sometimes called .024RW. Each string has a total length of 45 1/2 inches (45.5"), and has approximately 45" of that total length covered with the brass winding.

Customer Reviews

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My order of Folkcraft Roller -Wound Bass Strings, Ball Ends.

My order arrived in a very timely fashion. I had actually ordered 12 of each size string for my Folkcraft Mountain Dulcimer and they all came at the same time. They are high quality, very nice strings. I set down and separated the string into sets of 1bass string, one middle string and one melody string and placed each set in a ziplock bag, so I now have 12 sets of strings at a much cheaper price than if I had ordered the strings already packaged as sets. I am very pleased with Folkcraft Instruments and their high quality products and customer service.

Softer squeak

Hi Richard, sorry to take so long getting this to you. The roller-wound .054 string on my bass is MUCH quieter that the original .054 I was using and it's a pleasure to use. Thanks you so much,