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Folkcraft® Roller-Wound Brass Strings, Ball Ends, Pack Of Twelve, .026

Item Number 2325641

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Twelve roller-wound brass strings. This is the string that Folkcraft started using for its dulcimer bass string back in 2012. A bit brighter, a bit smoother to the fingers, and a bit louder. The ultimate wound string for your dulcimer!

These strings are sometimes called "squeakless", and they certainly squeak less than regular (not roller-wound) strings. However, there's no such thing as an entirely squeakless string. We recommend these strings wholeheartedly.

This particular string is .026" (26/1000 of one inch) in diameter, and is sometimes called .026RW. Each string has a total length of 37 inches (37"), and has approximately 36" of that total length covered with the brass winding.

Customer Reviews

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My order of Folkcraft Roller -Wound Bass Strings, Ball Ends.

My order arrived in a very timely fashion. I had actually ordered 12 of each size string for my Folkcraft Mountain Dulcimer and they all came at the same time. They are high quality, very nice strings. I set down and separated the string into sets of 1bass string, one middle string and one melody string and placed each set in a ziplock bag, so I now have 12 sets of strings at a much cheaper price than if I had ordered the strings already packaged as sets. I am very pleased with Folkcraft Instruments and their high quality products and customer service.

Softer squeak

Hi Richard, sorry to take so long getting this to you. The roller-wound .054 string on my bass is MUCH quieter that the original .054 I was using and it's a pleasure to use. Thanks you so much,