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Folkcraft® Quick-Release 2" Wide Dulcimer/Ukulele Strap, Red

Item Number 2310168

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Our stylish 2" wide nylon straps are a full 55" long when fully extended. They are designed to securely hold your instrument while you're making music. We've installed a quick release buckle at both ends of the strap, so you can leave the leather tabs installed on your instrument, even when it is in your case.
These straps are handmade in the Folkcraft workshop in Woodburn, Indiana. We use a durable webbing (strap material), heavyweight leather tabs (for long life without stretching out of shape), and the best plastic quick-release buckles on the market.

Do you have an instrument with no strap buttons (or with just one strap button)? It's easy to install your own strap buttons. Here's a video that shows you how!

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Sam Edelston
A feature I never realized I needed

I like to refer to dulcimer straps as "seat belts," and if I'm playing while sitting, I always buckle up.

I've been using another maker's straps, with the buckle in the middle, since I bought my first wooden mountain dulcimer, so putting the dulcimer on or taking it off requires lifting it over my head. Never occurred to me as a problem (except when wearing a big hat) - but, come to think of it, that probably hasn't looked elegant on stage.

Lo and behold, I just tried a Folkcraft strap (the 1" version, in my case), and it has buckles right AT BOTH ENDS. Unbuckling it is as easy as reaching for a tuning peg. This must be a godsend for players who have difficulty reaching behind their backs or raising an instrument over their heads!

One note: You may want one for each dulcimer you play frequently, because the leather endpieces are sturdy and take some finger strength to get onto your strap button. No problem - now you know what you want for your next birthday!

Steve Mellott
A good Product

This is a well made strap. The quick release buckles on either end make it easy to use.

Caryl Purdue
Quick Release is Doable for Arthritic Hands

Some quick releases are really hard to use, but the quick releases on this strap are quite workable. It's a sturdy piece of equipment that should last for a very long time.

Quick release dulcimer strap

This was the third dulcimer strap I have purchased-one for each instrument. I enjoy the ease of strapping it on and the quick release works really well. I would recommend this type of dulcimer strap.

Ann Schmoekel
Folkcraft quick release 2” wide Dulcimer/ Ukulele strap.

I am very impressed with the strap. The quality is excellent and it definitely makes playing a lot easier.