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Folkcraft® Plain Steel Strings, Ball Ends, Pack Of Twelve, .018

Item Number 2310091

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Each of these strings is plain with a ball end. Each set comes with 12 strings.

This particular string is .018" (18/1000 of one inch) in diameter, and is sometimes called .018PS (Plain Steel). Each string is 41 inches (41") long.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Cecil Adcock

Ball end strings in the right size were hard to find

Glynda Willis
Best Strings

Folkcraft Strings are my favorite and I like that I can order them individually or in a package

LINDSAY Robinson
Great strings

Love Folkcraft strings I can get the gauge I need and the loop ends I need and getting them in bulk is a great convenience.

Performance of the strings is very fine. They stay in tune and manage to last through multiple tuning changes.

Breakage is most often caused by overly energetic play.

My go to strings

LINDSAY Robinson
Love these strings

Knowing I can get the gauge I want in quantities I want delivered fast is great all by itself. Other than that, the strings ring true, the last through multiple retunings and are a joy to play.

Kenneth Burkeen
Steel strings

Folkcraft are my go to dulcimer extras. The .11 steel strings are among a set of strings .13 and .23. I really like these strings. Folkcraft gets them out really quick so I’m happy and ready to play.