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Folkcraft® Plain Steel String, Loop End, .026

Item Number 9022272

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Here's a single plain steel string (steel, with a tin plating to retard rust and corrosion) with a loop end. American made, and the best quality available from any source.

This particular string is .026" (26/1000 of one inch) in diameter, and is sometimes called .026PS (Plain Steel). Each string is 45 inches (45") long.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Gloria Gehret

I've never been disappointed by the quality of your strings. Makes the dulcimer sound so good and when I put new ones on the touch is so much better. Love buying in bulk so I can change strings often as I play alot.

Pack of 12 .012" strings

Great strings at a good price. Fast service is a plus.

Robert Rowan
All Strung Out.

I have yet to to use the new strings, but this is the first time I’ve had bulk strings at my disposal. This gives me confidence to restring more frequently and keep my instrument resonating at its best.

Linda Paulus
Very good deal

I had no idea you could buy strings in bulk. Thanks for good price and fast shipping.

William Brennan
Plain Steel Strings Loop ends pack of 12

Went on ok and they sound great. Only issue is that the wrap around that creates the loops is rather long and on the hitch pin closest to the Delrin rail the wrap around portion sits up on the rail and created a buzzy sound. I just had to work on that to make it go away. If the wrap around were more compact then it wouldn't lay up on the rail.