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Guy George - Learn To Play The Pennywhistle With Guy George

Item Number 7102061

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With this amazing video from Guy George (one of the pre-eminent instructors of the pennywhistle (tin whistle, irish whistle, tinwhistle, etc.) you'll go from “novice” to “listen to me play these songs!”. The disc contains both video instruction and PDFs of the songs used in the instruction, so you can print them off for your own use. You'll learn the basics, a few scales, plus six well-known repertoire pieces. You'll want a D whistle for use with this video.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rebecca Pendlebury
Basic Whistle Instruction

This is a good basic instruction CD with Guy George showing fingering and playing a few tunes. A sidebar shows fingering while he plays the whistle in case you cannot read music. A good CD for a beginner.

Nancy McGee
Guy George's DVD is excellent!

Guy George is an amazing penny whistle player and an excellent teacher! I love this DVD!

Lloyd White

good product

Bill Lloyd
Just Starting Pennywhistle

I haven’t gotten too far into the penny whistle yet so I am mistral at the moment in my review. So far I touched on the basics and it seems straight forward. More to follow.