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Melanie Johnston - TablEdit Manual, PC Edition

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Learn to use the quick and easy TablEdit notation program with this amazing book from the mind of Melanie Johnston. From how to install the program, to setting up the options, to actually using the software to lay out a completed arrangement, this book has it all. Available in both PC and Macintosh versions.

55 pages.

Updated 5/4/20 to show techniques and examples from the latest version (3.0) of the TablEdit software.

Customer Reviews

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TablEdit Help

Melanie Johnston's TablEdit manual helps clear up the mystery of using TablEdit. The manual addressed a lot of the problems I was having using the program.


Melanie Johnston - TablEdit Manual, PC Version

Excellent reference

Excellent book. It is a must have for Tabledit users. Very quick delivery. Folk craft is the best. They can always be relied on th have whatever you need.


I wish I had known about this manual before I attempted to learn TablEdit on my own. I wasted hours on trial-and-error, watching YouTube, and reading lengthy explanations on the TablEdit website. Melanie has figured everything out for you.

She takes you through the setting-up process and gives you all of the settings right from the beginning, all the way through to the minute subtleties of the program. I had a problem with chord placement. For some reason my chord names appeared between the notation and the tabs. In two sentences she told how to do it, whereas the TablEdit program took an entire page explaining everything in detail, and even then I didn’t understand it. I still have a lot to learn from this manual.

TablEdit Made More Friendly

While TablEdit is a great program( I use it all the time) and Matthieu Leschemelle is a musical genius, the program can sometimes be quite challenging. Melanie has simplified a great many aspects of the program. Within 20 minutes I found the answer for a function I had wanted to use but couldn't because of the highly technically directions in the manual. If you use or plan to use TablEdit (and I encourage it) Melanie's book!