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Judy House And Carol Crocker - Beginner's Guide To Mountain Dulcimer, Book 1

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108 pages. Tons of songs. This book includes audio samples (both slow-tempo and normal-tempo) for each song in the book. The audio samples are available as a free download here.

Customer Reviews

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Donna Schumaier
Very Useful - House and Crocker's Beginner's Guide to Mountain Dulcimer Book 1

Some friends and I have been using this guide during our weekly dulcimer meetups and we have found it to be invaluable in our learning process. (I am a new beginner, they are more advanced, but still fairly new to dulcimer playing.) There is so much interesting and necessary information in this book. It has made our play sessions so much more efficient and fun. We are definitely making progress. Thanks!

Frank Tessel
beginners guide to mountain dulcimer

It is a excellent book for beginners.