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Joe Collins - Lullabies For The Mountain Dulcimer

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54 pages.

Songs included:

A La Puerta Del Cielo (At The Door Of Heaven) - DAD Tuning
All Me Rock, Me Rock Boysie - DAD Tuning
All The Pretty Little Horses - DAD Tuning - Capo 1
All Through The Night - DAD Tuning
All Through The Night - DGD Tuning
Baby Bye-o, Bye - DAD Tuning
Baloo Baleerie (Go Away, Little Fairies) - DAD Tuning
Beautiful Dreamer - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Stephen Foster
Beautiful Dreamer - DAD Tuning - Capo 3 - Composed by: Stephen Foster
Bed Is Too Small - DAD Tuning - Capo 1
Bim Bam, Biri, Biri, Bam - DAC Tuning
Brahm’s Lullaby - DAD Tuning
Bye Bye, Baby Bunting - DAD Tuning
Cherries Are Ripe - DAD Tuning
Detta, Detta, Please Be Nice - DAD Tuning
Fais Dodo, Colas, Mon P’tit Frere - DAD Tuning
Go To Sleepy, Little Baby - DAD Tuning
Go To Sleepy, Little Baby - DGD Tuning
Good Night, Good Night, My Dear Sweetheart - DAD Tuning
Hush Little Baby - DAD Tuning
Hush-A-Bye, Birdie - DAD Tuning
I Will Feed My Baby - DAD Tuning
Lady Lady - DAD Tuning
Little Boy Blue - DAD Tuning
Lullaby Of Takeda - DAD Tuning
Mama, Mama Told Me-o - DAD Tuning
Mozart Lullaby - DAD Tuning
Rock-A-Bye Baby - DAD Tuning
Rock-A-Bye Baby - DGD Tuning
Rocking Carol, The - DAD Tuning
Sakura - DGD Tuning - Capo 1
Sandman, The - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Johannes Brahms
Sleep, Baby, Sleep - DAD Tuning
Sleep, My Baby - DAD Tuning
Sleep, My Little Boy - DAD Tuning
Slumber Time Is Drawing Near - DAD Tuning - Capo 1
Swamp Baby Lullaby - DAD Tuning - Composed by: Joe Collins
Swamp Baby Lullaby - DGD Tuning - Composed by: Joe Collins
That's An Irish Lullaby - DAD Tuning - Composed by: James Royce Shannon
Wee Willie Winkie - DAD Tuning
What'll We Do With The Baby-o? - DAD Tuning

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