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Jim Miller - 30 Favorite Old Time Jam Tunes

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30 Common and not so common jam tunes in the Public Domain in standard dulcimer TAB. 
15 pages.

Songs included:

Arkansas Traveler
Benton's Dream (Capo 4)
Coleman's March
Cherokee Shuffle

Cousin Sally Brown (Capo 4)
Fisher's Hornpipe
Forked Deer
Golden Slippers (Capo 3)
Gray Cat On A Tennessee Farm
John Stenson's #2
Julie Ann Johnson
June Apple (Capo 4)
Lil Liza Jane
Little Billy Wilson (Capo 4)
Mississippi Sawyer
Nail That Catfish To A Tree (Capo 3)
Over The Waterfall
Rock The Cradle Joe
Rosin The Bow
Sally Slapped Me With A Flounder
Red Wing (Capo 3)
Sandy Boys (Capo 4)
Seneca Squaredance (Capo 3)
Shove The Pig's Foot A Little Closer To The Fire (Capo 3)
Squirrel Heads And Gravy (Capo 3)
St. Anne's Reel
Tater Patch (Capo 4)
Turkey In The Straw (Capo 3)
Wildwood Flower

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