Jeff Furman - Dulcimer Jam (A Collection Of Old-Time Fiddle Tunes For The Mountain Dulcimer)

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A book of old-time fiddle tunes tablature for mountain dulcimer, includes a CD. The CD reviews all of the tunes in the Dulcimer Jam tablature book. The tunes are played at slow speeds and then faster tempos to allow you to learn the tunes more easily. And once you know the tunes it makes for a fine "jam along" CD!

32 pages.

Song list:

Boatman (A)
Bull At The Wagon (A)
Camp Meeting On The Fourth Of July (D)
Going Down The River (G)
Grubb Springs (A)
Gun Boat (G)
Hangman's Reel (A)
Horny Ewe (G)
Jeff City (G)
John Brown's March (G)
John Lover's Gone (D)
Natural Bridge Blues (A)
Old 1812 (G)
Rabbit Where's Your Mammy (A)
Rock That Cradle Lucy (D)
Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes (D)
Sarah Armstrong (D)
Shuckin' The Brush (D)

The arrangements in G and in A are written for use with a capo.