Herco Instrument Humidifier

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When you have an instrument made of wood, then this is a product you really need. Wood has a tendency to dry out over time, unless it is stored in a humidified environment. Guitar faces separate from their bodies, oboes and clarinets develop cracks, and violin-family instruments lose their tone quality.
This handy device may not be very photogenic, but it is one of the most useful tools a wood instrument owner can have. This humidifier measures about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Made of plastic on the outside, with a ceramic water-holding interior, this product will slowly release moisture into the air. When you store it with your instrument, the humidity stays where it should be, and your instrument is happier!
For best results, soak the humidifier in water every couple of days (or as necessary) so that it has lots of moisture to release into the air.