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Folkcraft® Black Walnut Scroll Head, Hourglass, For 1 1/2" Wide Fretboard

Item Number 7090461

Regular price $34.99

Our finished scroll heads will add a touch of class to your dulcimer, and save you on time. This solid black walnut mountain dulcimer part is made for hourglass shaped dulcimers.

This scroll head requires a 1 1/2" wide fretboardand a 1 3/4" side height. Our black walnut side sets and fretboards are available in these sizes, and will be compatible with this scroll head.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews

All in all, I am very happy with my dulcimer. I would make one suggestion, in order to avoid a problem I had (self-caused, but still a problem). I think the tops should be done cutting the sound holes first, then attaching to the fret-board, and then cutting to fit the body. This way, if there's a little error in attaching the top to the fret-board, there is no problem cutting the top accurately to the shape of the body.


Great services and high quality materials.

Tail Block

I finally opened up the Dulcimer kit i bought from Walt Disney in Orlando 43 years ago on our honeymoon. It was missing a tail block. I located the company, still in business and they charged me $5.49 plus $5.89 for shipping for a substitute one. I said my kit was Cherry. They sent me something else but it was not Cherry. I only used it as a pattern and bought Cherry instead. Anyone need a $12.00 tail block yet?

Great Service

As always, the service is great and I am very happy with the products.

First build

very nice people to work with . Answered all my questions. Thanks again