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Folkcraft® Hammered Dulcimer Hammers Kit

Item Number 7091661

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Our easy-to-assemble kit for making your own hammered dulcimer hammers will save you a ton of money, and only take an afternoon to assemble. We've taken 1/8” thick blanks of Honduras mahogany, laser-cut them to size/shape, and we're leaving the assembly (a spot of glue) and sanding (start with 120 grit sandpaper, finish with 220 grit paper) to you. After your hammers are sanded to your satisfaction (Honduras mahogany is very soft, and will sand very, very easily!), you can add a finish (we would recommend a polyurethane, or a Danish oil) or leave the wood bare. Cut the leather pads to length, glue them on (we would use Duco Cement) and then make some music. Our hammered dulcimer hammers kit includes four shafts, eight caps, and a piece of leather long enough for four completed hammers.

Customer Reviews

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best kept secret

This kit is awesome. The hammers are easily customized and with a little crafting (assembly) fun, you will have a $40 to $50 pair of customized hammers for only $8.00! They are lightweight to start with which I prefer, but can easily be made heavier due to your customizing. Get them, you will love the results. Thanks Folkcraft for delivering such value to a very niche market of HD players, we appreciate it more than you know.

Inexpensive and fun way to get hammers.

I loved making my own hammers for my hammer dulcimer. It was just another way to feel connected to my instrument. This kit has everything you need (except glue), and I could sand the handles to perfectly fit my hands. Thanks for making this product Folkcraft!