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Hammered Dulcimer With Bass Plan

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This detailed plan/drawing is a full scale size pattern for building your very own 12/11 hammered dulcimer. The exact dimensions and shapes are given to you so you can make your own masterpiece of an instrument. Suggestions for types of wood to use are given as well as sound hole shapes. This plan is a must-have for anyone who wants to build a hammered dulcimer.
Technical Notes: Please note: The various wood parts that we offer are appropriate for use with this dulcimer plan, but you may find that some dimensions don't match exactly. If you use the wood parts that we sell (the same parts we use in our own shop for building Folkcraft and FolkRoots dulcimers!) you may find it necessary to adjust this dulcimer plan to fit the wood perfectly. The intention of this dulcimer plan is to offer you a starting point and a set of guidelines for the instruments you will build.

Customer Reviews

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Inside mold

Fast delivery item described perfectly

Dulcimer plans

Completeplans, easy to read and interpret

Traditional Hourglass Style Mountain Dulcimer Plan

The plan is understandable and well laid out. I haven't started the build yet but with the plan I feel it will come together quite well.

Satisfied with service

I was satisfied with the service and products on Folkcraft, and will definitely deal with them again.

A great help!

This is a very nice and complete plan for a 27" VSL hourglass dulcimer and was a great help when I built mine. I traced off the outside shape so I had multiple throw-away guides to bend my sides. I am definitely NOT disposing this plan. It gives all the elevations, plus detail views and exact measurements. The fretboard shows the exact fret placement for frets for a 27" VSL. I am glad I have it!