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Fret Saw

Item Number 2340079

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Also available in our dulcimer hardware kit, this fret cutting saw is perfect for cutting the grooves for the fret wire on the fingerboard of your mountain dulcimer. The largest rectangular blade cuts perfect slots for the dulcimer fret wire we carry.
Here are the specs on the fret saw blades, from largest to smallest: 1) cutting depth - 1 1/8", length - 5 1/2", 15 teeth per inch, .012" kerf; 2) cutting depth - 3/8", length - 4 1/2", 32 teeth per inch, .008" kerf; 3) (keyhole blade): length - 5 1/4", 24 teeth per inch, .022" kerf; 4) (keyhole blade): length - 2 1/4", 24 teeth per inch, .022" kerf.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Detailed Saw

Haven't had a chance to use it yet, but like the looks of it and the different blades. looks like it would be good for fine detail work only, which is why i bought it.

william dennis
Evaluation of fret saw

To be truthful I'm kinda disappointed with the fret saw. I build mountain dulcimers and use medium/medium fret wire. There is not a blade with that saw that fits the tang width. But it's pretty good to clean up nuts and bridges with...

Mary A.
Did the job!

I bought this for a family member who is building a dulcimer. He said it as very useful and did the job. He sounded very pleased, and is now working on a second and third dulcimer.

Nice little saw

I am glad to have this saw in my shop. Only one problem with it. The kerf width (.012) does not allow the installation of a fret tang (.019). I had to make other arrangements. I don't think it should be sold as a fret saw. But handy for a myriad of other uses.

Lloyd C.
Fret Saw

This fret saw worked perfectly for cutting the fret slots in the dulcimer i just finished. The fret wire installed easily and held well in the slots. The saw is also handy for other precise work.