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FolkRoots® D Series Dulcimer (MaxDAD - Standard/Bass Hybrid), Walnut Body, Spruce Top

Serial Number 80602203

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Woods used
Back, sides, fretboard, head: black walnut
Top: Sitka spruce

String setup
Five strings, .012, .015, .024RW, .032RW, .054RW
Standard/Bass hybrid: DADAD tuning

Overall: 37" x 8" x 3 1/2"
Body: 31" x 8" x 2 1/4"
VSL (scale length): 25"
Fretboard width: 2 1/4"

Nut, bridge, frets
1.5, 6.5, 8.5, 13.5, and 15.5 frets included
Micarta nut and bridge material
Nickel-silver fret wire, standard size
Mother of pearl position dots at frets 3, 7 (double), 10, 14 (double), and 17

Traditional flat head
Enclosed gear tuners, chrome finish

Also included
Strap buttons
Padded case with shoulder strap

Jim Ash

How would you like to have a combination dulcimer - half standard (normal DAD tuning) and half bass (low-octave DAD tuning)? Well, now you can! With the Folkcraft MaxDAD (tuned DADAD), you'll sound like an orchestra as you play your dulcimer.

The three strings closest to you are tuned like a standard dulcimer, and the three strings farthest from you are tuned like a bass dulcimer. If you had two separate instruments, the low string of the standard dulcimer would be the same pitch (and string gauge) as the high string of your bass dulcimer. So, we eliminated the duplicate string, leaving you with:

Melody string: high "D"
Second string: "A", four notes lower than the melody string
Middle string: low "D", five notes lower than the second string
Fourth string: low "A", four notes lower than the middle string
Bass string: really low D, five notes lower than the fourth string, and two full octaves lower than the melody string.

Does this sound confusing? It isn't! Everything you already know about playing a standard mountain dulcimer applies to this instrument. Same chords, same melodies. You just have more range to work with!

Why should you choose a Folkcraft mountain dulcimer? Sound quality, appearance, and durability. We've been handcrafting mountain dulcimers since 1968, and many of the world's finest players, both amateur and professional, choose our dulcimers. Click here to see our roster of endorsing artists. You may also enjoy following the links provided to see each of them performing (with their Folkcraft dulcimers) on YouTube.

Are you ready to play this mountain dulcimer? Click the "Add To Cart" button below, and we'll ship the dulcimer right away with free FedEx shipping. Questions? Call Folkcraft (weekdays 8 AM to 4 PM, Eastern time) at (317) 539-1855. Maybe this instrument isn't perfect for you? Design your own mountain dulcimer, from classic to exotic, with our "design your own" tools found here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My New MAX DAD Dulcimer Exceeded My Expectations

I am very pleased with the quality and beauty of my new Folk Roots Max DAD Dulcimer. I was also very pleased with the helpful and knowledgeable assistance of the creator and builder of my instrument, Richard Ash. He assisted me in choosing my dulcimer, and in learning how to play and enjoy this unique instrument. For those who are interested in this dulcimer, Bing Futch has a very helpful Dulcimerica Podcast on the Max DAD. You don't just get a quality instrument from Folkcraft, you get excellent customer service as well.

Love the new dulcimer

I love the new dulcimer. The galax back makes a big difference in sound quality and I’m really enjoying the MAX DAD string arrangement - it’s like having two dulcimers in one. I fingerpick or flatpack the same piece on the “treble” DAD and then again on the “bass” DAD for a different sound/mood. I find strumming a little more difficult but I’m getting better with practice. I couldn’t be happier with the instrument and appreciate the great customer service as well.

A dulcimer with "Wow-effect"

I have just received this beautiful instrument - the full and rich sound is fascinating and impressing and makes you want to play...and play...and play - it's so much fun and enjoyment!

What a great dulcimer!

I had Richard and the gang build me one of these amazing instruments. I was amazed at the sound. It is exquisite! The bass is a lot of fun and gives the player a lot of possibilities... or you can simply use some extra drone strings. There is so much you can do with this. I am totally smitten with this instrument. Love it!!!!!