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Folkcraft® Native American Flute Carrying Case (Extra Large)

Item Number 9062281

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Customer Reviews

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It’s the One

A wonderful multi-whistle bag, the best design I’ve seen and I’m very happy with it. Sturdy material, oversized zipper, lots of storage, long enough for a low D in one piece (maybe not a C?), each pocket is wide enough for two or even three smaller whistles if you don’t mind them jostling together a bit. An excellent price, team is very responsive, and very fast service.

But here’s a bit of analysis for a review. I’d suggest that the two extra storage compartments inside above the whistles are unnecessary given the large compartment on the outside. I’d like to use that inside top space for more pockets for smaller separated whistles instead of doubling them up in the bottom pockets, at least on one side.

For the carry strap, it seems the connecting points are opposite if you just want to toss it over your left shoulder leaving your right arm free (I’m right-handed). So I attached the strap to the big bottom dulcimer-case clips and hang it zipper down. Looks upside down, but keeps the whistles upright in their pockets, and seems perfectly fine given the light weight of even a full bag of whistles.

But those are really nitpicks. This is a fine multi-whistle case, and I’m very happy to use it. Thanks, all!

Ben Shirley
Excellent customer service

My daughter needed a case for her growing collection of tin whistles, including her rather large low-D single-piece whistle. I didn't have the exact length of the whistle, and I couldn't ask my daughter as the case was to be a surprise gift. Folkcraft sales went out of there way to inquire about the brand of whistle, and found the specs for me to verify that the low-D whistle would fit in the case. Thank you!

N. Wild
Love It!

I admit I was a bit skeptical about this case. I wasn’t sure how well my larger whistles would fit. I currently have 15 whistles in this thing, including my Howard low d, with room for more. The zippers are hearty, padding is firm, sewing is tidy and secure. Case is lightweight but protective and the pocket on the outside is roomy enough for the extras- cleaning cloth, tuner, roll of tape, pad of paper and whatever other small odds and ends you could want. I didn’t know how keen I’d be with the logo on the pocket but it’s a fantastic product so I’m happy to advertise it! This overthinker says stop overthinking and just buy it already.

Kevin Shine
Best case for your whistles "hands down"

I'd looked around a bit for a quality case to carry my whistles and stumbled onto this one. It's perfect and it's American made which appeals to me a great deal. For reference, I don't have to break down my Setanta low D in two pieces to fit, for some larger whistles this may be necessary, not sure. It's well thought out for dividers and pouches. I can keep all sorts of incidentals in the available compartments. The whistle pockets are large enough to keep your whistles in their own soft cases - easier to identify - It's a sharp looking case and gets compliments, well worth the investment (a small price compared to what you are trying to protect inside!)