Design Your Own Folkcraft® Custom Series Double Neck Dulcimer

Item number 9000035, Regular price $1,495.00

The Folkcraft double neck dulcimer is built from the ground up with the performer in mind. The big addition over a standard instrument is the extra fingerboard (of course), but with the extra body size, you'll notice an increase in volume, sustain, and tone quality. Your choice of body and tone woods, sound holes, fingerboard overlays, scale lengths, fret patterns, and more, make this instrument truly "yours".

This is an amazing instrument for the live musician, and you'll love having this dulcimer on your lap at your next gig. Most people choose a standard setup for the near (player side) fretboard, and then choose something else for the far fretboard (another standard setup, for an alternate tuning, a baritone setup, a bass setup, or even a fully-chromatic setup). It is entirely up to you!