Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer String Set, Baritone, Ball Ends (.016" .026"RW .034"RW)

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They're finally here - our ball end string set with the middle and bass strings utilizing the best roller wound (RW) strings available. Roller wound strings squeak less than regular strings, of course (since they're flattened a bit with rollers), but more importantly for this string set, they're made of a brass alloy (instead of the more commonly-found bronze alloy). 

Strings in this set:
Melody strings: .016
Middle string: .026WB
Bass string: .034RW

Bronze tends to give a warmer tone quality, but brass, especially with baritone and bass strings, tends to provide the player with a LOT more clarity. The instrument isn't as "muddy", which is a common problem for baritone and bass dulcimers.

Available only in ball end, and only in 3-string sets (going for that clarity again!), this is the string set we're using on the Folkcraft-built baritone dulcimers.