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Folkcraft® Bowed Psaltery, Baritone, 31 Strings

Item Number 20121632

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Specifications Woods used
     Back, sides: Sugar maple

     Top: Sitka spruce

String setup
     31 Strings
     Baritone tuning (31 wound strings)
     Standard, DAD tuning

     Length: 23"
     Width: 9 1/8"

Also included
     Tuning wrench
     Stringing/tuning chart

     Steve Ash


Why should you choose a Folkcraft psaltery? Sound quality, appearance, and durability. We've been handcrafting mountain dulcimers since 1968, and many of the world's finest players, both amateur and professional, choose our instruments. Click here to see our roster of endorsing artists. You may also enjoy following the links provided to see each of them performing (with their Folkcraft dulcimers) on YouTube.

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