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Folkcraft® Black Coated Steel Strings, Ball Ends, Pack Of Twelve, .011

Item Number 90811203

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Our black-coated strings have a special polymer coating that will extend the life of your strings. There's a subtle change in tone quality (due to the coating), but the longer life and great looks make these strings an easy choice.

This particular string is .011" (11/1000 of one inch) in diameter. Each string has a total length of 41 inches (41").

This item is a package of one dozen strings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Joseph Ruback
Black coated dulcimer strings review

The black coated strings play well. There is less friction on the wound strings. I do hammer ons and pull offs, and slide from one note to another and it's easier with these strings. They sound great and play easy.

Bonny Lyons
Black coated Mountain Dulcimer String Set, Ball ends

I put them on the Dulcimers and for my dulcimer, it made a brighter sound but I did not like the sound, but I like how the they were easier to play. I just did not like the sound on my dulicumer with the strings. 

Debra Sanders
Folkcraft Black Coated Mountain Dulcimer Strings

The Black Coated Mountain Dulcimer strings are wonderful. They make the dulcimer so much easier to play and give it a beautiful mellow sound.

Margaret Medvedev
Folkcraft Black Coated Steel String

I love the black coated strings. They sound wonderful and are easy to change.

Jeffrey Boester

Folkcraft® Black Coated Mountain Dulcimer String Set, Ball Ends (.011" .011" .013" .024"BW)