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Design Your Own Folkcraft LAP-JO®

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Design your own musical instrument! If you haven't yet heard a Folkcraft LAP-JO, here's the lowdown: A Folkcraft LAP-JO is a dulcimer/banjo hybrid. The fretboard is 100 percent mountain dulcimer, and the instrument is played just like a standard dulcimer. The tone-generating end of the instrument is 100 percent banjo. Banjo rim, hoop, ring, lugs, tailpiece, bridge. This is the only dulcimer/banjo hybrid that actually sounds like a banjo. It can be played quietly, but is also loud enough to hold its own with a guitar, or with a hammered dulcimer. There are plenty of videos on YouTube where you can see a Folkcraft LAP-JO in action. Go to, and search for "Folkcraft LAP-JO".

The Folkcraft LAP-JO (our dulcimer/banjo hybrid, which is Loud And Played - JOyously) is handmade in our Woodburn, Indiana workshop. Built of solid mahogany, this instrument has a dulcimer neck/fretboard with a banjo body - play it like a dulcimer, get the sound of a banjo. With a full two-octave range, a 28" VSL, and your choice of "extra" frets (1 1/2 and 8 1/2, or even fully chromatic). If you choose the Folkcraft LAP-JO Pro, you'll also get a Gabon ebony fretboard veneer and "custom-made for Folkcraft" L.R. Baggs LAP-JO pickup.

LAP-JOs all have real banjo heads, and hollow banjo-style bodies. Our head of choice is an 11" diameter Remo Fiberskyn head, which gives long life (it is a Mylar film head) with a special coating on top which gives it the look and sound of a traditional hide head.

Bing Futch playing his Folkcraft LAP-JO

Wendy Songe playing her Folkcraft LAP-JO

And now, here's the fun part. Design a Folkcraft LAP-JO to your own specifications. Think about how you want your Folkcraft LAP-JO to look, sound, and play. Select from the options below to design your own musical instrument and we'll build your new dulcimer the way you want it!

Each of our handmade dulcimers comes with our best soft carrying case, made here in the Folkcraft workshop. Our rigid case, which offers more protection, is available for an upcharge. Strap buttons are also included.

There are a lot of options to choose when designing an instrument for us to make for you. We have a reference/resource page here, and you're always welcome to contact us for help and guidance in making great choices.

Please allow eight to twelve weeks for delivery of your custom-built dulcimer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lorrie w
Folkcraft lap jo..

3 weeks ago i received my new Lap jo ...
I first learned of it from Banjolemonade..
My teacher ( learning the dulcimer ) was so excited to get hers...I emailed her to see if she thought I could handle it....she said you will love it.. ....and I do...she just put up a great lesson for lap jo , with more to come..

Richard ...what a wonderful way to get a great banjo sound...beautifully made...just like my
Folkcraft dulcimer...

Thank you..Lorrie.

James Phillips
Great product 👍

I have purchased several Folkcraft instruments they are the best.

Lap-Jo from Folkcraft

I love my Folkcraft Lap-Jo. It has an authentic banjo sound, but still played like a dulcimer. A beautiful instrument.

LAP-JO Fan For Life!
LAP-JO Heaven!!!!!

Plays like a dulcimer - dulcimer fretboard! Sounds like a real banjo! Perfect!