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Folkcraft® Machine Heads, Enclosed Gear, Black Chrome Finish, Four Pack

Item Number 2340087

Regular price $48.00

These black tuning pegs with sealed and enclosed gears have a 14:1 gear ratio and have small black chrome buttons.

Minimum head thickness: .550"
Maximum head thickness: .675"
Hole size: 13/32"

These chrome black tuning pegs are perfect for flat heads. They'll work for scroll heads, but we recommend open gear tuners for scroll head dulcimers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Herb McMurtry
Gold Machine Heads

These machine heads are gorgeous… they are beautifully made and the mechanism runs very smoothly. These are my first enclosed gear machine heads… they won’t be my last. As usual it is a pleasure to do business with Richard Ash!

Margaret Medvedev
Folkcraft® Machine Heads, Enclosed Gear, Chrome Finish, Four Pack

I broke one of my machine heads and gear off of my wonderful folkcraft dulcimer. I ordered a set and they worked perfectly. My hubby was able to remove the old one and replace it easily! Now if I break another, I have 3 on stand-by!

Constance Bohns

Extremely satisfied with this product.

Randy Lester
Folk craft supplies

I have order from them a long time an as always i have got great Supplies from the Folkcraft company an i ordered one of the custom Dulcimers from FolkCraft that is a great Dulcimer sounds great thanks to them from Randys Dulcimer Shop in Steele Ky the Gold Keys are a great Dulcimer Keys works great on my Dulcimers and looks great

Theresa Nonemaker
Good Value

These Machine Heads are inexpensive yet work very well. They work smoothly and keep the dulcimer in tune.