Bing Futch - Milagro Canyon Jam Trax, Volume 1

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How would you like to become comfortable with "making up a countermelody" while jamming with a group? How about learning (and becoming proficient) with improvisational skills? How about having a great time with your instrument, even when you're home alone, practicing in the dark of night where nobody can hear you? With this amazing book/CD pack, you can do all of those things!

Bing Futch's latest masterpiece, "Milagro Canyon Jam Trax, Volume 1" has two hours of improvisational jam tracks, in 23 different key signatures. Ideal for pretty much any instrument, you can practice making up new melodies, playing harmonies to the CD, and just plain having fun. Try it today - you won't be disappointed!

30 pages, two CDs.