Bing Futch - Blues Method For Mountain Dulcimer

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For anyone who has wanted to make the traditional sound of blues music rise up out of their instruments, this book will help to demystify one of the most popular song forms in the world! Bing Futch's "Blues Method For Mountain Dulcimer 101" is a collection of music theory, exercises and tablature designed to get you familiar with the "language" of the blues. The book is laid out so that you can pick and choose your path, from fundamental theory to full-on boogie-woogie practice.

Don't worry about the music theory being too advanced! Bing walks through the basics with a clarity fine-tuned by teaching the material in workshops all across the country. You'll be playing as you're learning, hearing the results on the very first page!

This innovative book includes a CD filled with exercises, improvisation training and backing tracks for rehearsing the blues in five different keys.

61 pages.