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Folkcraft® Mountain Dulcimer String Set, Bass, Ball Ends (.022"BW .022"BW .036"BW .052"BW)

Item Number 2310082

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These Folkcraft bass dulcimer strings sound amazing and are designed for the bass models, which are typically tuned one octave below a standard dulcimer. The tone and clarity you get with these strings is amazing and is sure to provide great feel as well.

Strings in this set:
Melody strings (2): .022BW
Middle string: .036BW
Bass string: .052BW

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
William F. Finnegan
They Made a Big Difference

I installed Folkcrafts bass dulcimer strings on my bass, and it now sounds great as a solo instrument. With the prior strings the dulcimer was great for accompanying but effective as a solo with only some tunes. Now it does justice to any melody so I'm playing it a lot more. The difference is the bronze wound strings and the thin (for a bass) .022 melody strings. Because of the depth of my dulcimer both melody strings are needed to produce sufficient volume. But the two unison strings blend beautifully with the other two.

Love my baritone strings

The strings go on easy and sound good. Richard is always willing to help me decide which strings. Thank you.


I love the folk craft strings. Richard was so helpful when I ordered wrong the first time. He patiently answered my questions about strings to help me understand.

david setter
gift of strings

these strings were given as a gift to a musician friend of mine. the local music store either could not or would not obtain them for him. he does not like to shop online so he reached out to me for assistance. i researched dulcimer strings because i know nothing about them. i purchased the Folkcraft strings hoping for the best; my friend was not disappointed. fast shipping & a great price for the quality! He is now a customer for life and highly recommends them & their product.

Sarah Pritchard

I can always count on Folkcraft to provide what I need.